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Joel Mwakasege

I edit buibui and be-yourself publications with a combined readership of 9.3 million.

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Are You Really Sorry?

Probably not.

I Prefer To Speak To Women, But Not For The Reasons You Might Think

Men are fine talkers, but women are better communicators

The Bus Driver

A 100-word story about arrogance

Protests, Ice Cream and Blue Lakes

A Pandemic Weekend in Oregon

Ignoring Texts from Ex-Boyfriends and Why 99.17% of the Texts Do Not Require Our Reply

Ignoring texts from ex-boyfriends is what I have learned to do. My ex-boyfriend told me he is hanging out with his tennis friend who loves…

Are You Receiving the Love and Support You Need?

About Healing, Partnership and Appreciation

I Ran Every Morning For a Year, And This Is What Happened.

#2. The Most Incredible Ideas Come While Running


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