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Carlos Whitt

i’m your huckleberry @lyft; founder @camojiapp, @adku; coder @square, @google, @dukeu

Ryan Lane

Security Engineer at Lyft

Jennie Braunstein

Product Manager, Self-Driving at Lyft

Latest Posts

From Four Wheels to Two

How Lyft adds new options without missing a ride: a lesson in engineering principles for quickly and safely adding major features to a…

What I learned about cross-functional collaboration from being a PM at Lyft

Hey everyone! I’m Hadar. I am the Product Manager for our Cities Team, responsible for keeping Lyft compliant with regulations and…

Running Apache Airflow At Lyft

By Tao Feng, Andrew Stahlman, and Junda Yang

Meet Naomi, the PM of Lyft’s Emergency Assistance Feature!

Lyft recently announced the launch of Driver Emergency Assistance! This feature gives drivers the ability to quickly access critical help…

How to deal with the seasonality of a market?

At Lyft we want to ensure that in the next few weeks there will be enough drivers so that all the passengers will be able to get to their…

Growing Scientists into Manager Roles

The following is an adaptation of an invited post that I recently published on the blog of Domino Data Lab. The cross-posting is being…

Empowering personalized marketing with machine learning

Personalization is one key component of modern customer engagement programs. At Lyft, it contributes to sustainably growing markets and…

Meet Andrew, the PM behind Lyft’s recent Transit launch!

Lyft recently announced the launch of Nearby Transit in Santa Monica! This launch includes public transit information in the main app for…

The Challenges Behind Rolling Out Security Updates To Your Docker Images

Earlier this year I announced an open source project that helps engineers automatically and safely push security updates to all of their…

What To Expect When Interviewing As A PM At Lyft

This post is direct and personal, so let me introduce myself. My name is Dan Barak — I’ve been at Lyft for almost 2 years, supporting the…


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