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Making a Side Project in Public

Mubashar Iqbal

2016 @ProductHunt Maker of the Year. Making side projects for fun and profit.

Make Side Project

Everything you need to know to make side projects and launch them. Curated by @mubashariqbal

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Robots on the Loose

New Movies Coming Out

Automating Projects: Keeping things running while you’re busy

LaraHack 2018: My Project

This weekend was the first LaraHack, a 48 hour online Laravel hackathon.

Ideas are Everything

I’ve been reading a lot lately on the Internet about how ideas are worthless and execution is everything. Well bullshit.

Best Movies of the Year

Even my side projects have side projects!

Finding the Time for Side Projects

It is no secret that I enjoy working on Side Projects. I probably have more side projects, than people have actual projects.

Building 4 Websites in 35 Days

Late October thru the end of November was a busy time for me, thanks Product Hunt (with help from Indie Hackers and others) for organizing…

Cap Compare

But is it worth more than …

Making a Side Project, Part 13: Fixing Bugs

Is that a bug or a Feature?


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