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Making a Side Project in Public

Mubashar Iqbal

2016 @ProductHunt Maker of the Year. Making side projects for fun and profit.

Make Side Project

Everything you need to know to make side projects and launch them. Curated by @mubashariqbal

Latest Posts

Announcing: Title Race

Race for the Premier League title

Announcing: My Timezone Is…

Your timezone managed globally

ICYMI: I launched ICYMI

My entry to Product Hunt’s Makers Festival

Building 3 apps at a 24h Hackathon

This weekend was the first Hack Mohawk Valley hackathon.

Selling a Side Project

Robots on the Loose

New Movies Coming Out

Automating Projects: Keeping things running while you’re busy

LaraHack 2018: My Project

This weekend was the first LaraHack, a 48 hour online Laravel hackathon.

T-Shirts for Side Projects

Every company I’ve worked at, large or small, has eventually made t-shirts for it’s employees and/or customers.

Ideas are Everything

I’ve been reading a lot lately on the Internet about how ideas are worthless and execution is everything. Well bullshit.


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