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GDPR vs CCPA: How Privacy Regulations Are Affecting Businesses

New privacy laws on the world stage are impacting businesses that have any online presence and capture personally-identifiable data.

‘A Conversation With The Universe’ Answers The Question On How To Live A More Balanced Life

Take a journey into the mind of Manager Mint Media’s CEO and dive into our universe in search of balance and perspective to ultimately…

7 Benefits Of Using Video Walls For Your Business

Video walls have made a huge splash in the marketing industry. Whether you want to use them in your reception area or for marketing…

Cannabis industry now has many B2B services available

The growth of the cannabis industry has created a broad array of B2B services to emerge ranging from media to real estate.

Top Accounting Software for small businesses to choose in 2019

4 Best Accounting Software for small businesses in 2019

4 Simple Tips To Promote Continuous Learning At Work

Continuous learning at workplace is nothing but expanding your skills and improving yourself with changing market trends.

Yes, you should Automate

But Heed These Thoughts for Doing it Well

Is AdRoll retargeting more effective on Facebook or web?

You can run AdRoll retargeting campaigns through Facebook or the general web. Is one more effective than the other?

US and Europe hold a multi-billion dollar market share of the CBD market

The worldwide CBD market is projected to be worth billions in the next five years as more countries agree to finally legalize cannabis.


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