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Don’t get tricked by Metric(k)s.

The core of a product manager’s job revolves around metrics. What distinguishes great product managers from the rest is their ability to…

Ideas are Easy, Sorting them is Hard

Why we should ask people to submit problems, not ideas

Is Agile Product Development Right for Your Team?

Is Agile product development right for your team? Well, the answer is, it depends. Let’s look closer.

The Power of Prioritization

A brief lesson in defining what’s most important right now.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine a Strategy …

Let Me Guess: Got Nothing?

Slytherin’ some Harry Potter references your way…

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Scrum is easy, backlogs are hard

How backlogs are like your dog

Cultivating Meaningful Stakeholder Relationships

To those who hate managing stakeholders: it’s time to face your fears

Product Thinking vs Product Management — The Difference Unveiled

It’s easy to confuse both. The truth is, a product perspective is important for PMing; but it’s not enough! Find out why.


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