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The Major Problems with SAFe

Putting the Focus on Frameworks Rather Than Outcomes

I will take my entertainment to go, please.

Amazon Prime Video app has won the metadata game for customers like me who take their entertainment on-the-go, mainly on their smartphones…

What does the product marketing manager do? Segment, Airbnb and Upwork experience

What product marketers do and how the participate in product development

Exploring Better iOS Development Processes Through Efficient An AI Integration

Through iPhone app development, people have been able to find helpful answers and solutions to certain life challenges right from their…

How we used the Superhuman Product-Market Fit to learn what to build and whom to target

A few months back I read an amazing Blog post by Rahul Vohra about how Superhuman was able to reach Product-Market Fit. The normal…

Top 5 HTML5 Video & Audio Players For Live & On Demand Streaming

HTML5 is the top choice for video & audio player development. Here is the list of video & audio players that supports on-demand & live…

The Definitive Product Management Toolbox

Or at least an attempt… 😉

Everything Is Tracked — What power do we have?

When I skip a track of music on Spotify, I think “are they tracking me?”


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