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Latest Posts

Product Dev: Think “Past, Present & Future”

I often like to frame product development as 3 buckets — Past, Present and Future.

How to Create and Manage Cross-Functional Teams

Guide on Managing Cross-Functional Team

The Most Disruptive Trends in Automotive Software Development in 2019

Digital transformation processes are happening across all industries and the automotive sector isn’t an exception. The last year was…

Top Courses to Kick-Start Your Product Management Career

Product management is one of the most leading professions nowadays.

Creating the Perfect Mobile App For Your Business

Knowing the widespread use of mobile devices, if your business doesn’t have an app, it really needs one. It is the easiest way to engage…

7 things to do before starting your application redesign

A successful redesign of an application isn’t just about looking at the user interface and changing the look of some fields and buttons…

The Blockchain Revolution: How Is It Changing Business

If you’ve been following banking and investing in the last decade, you’ve probably heard of blockchain. By definition, it’s a growing list…

Putting Together The Best Possible Product Manager Resume

Product management is a field with a lot of possibilities. It’s one in which you can find yourself coordinating a workflow for a product…

How great product teams use Story Time to do better work

The User Story is the unit of currency in the exchange of ideas between product managers and engineers. Product Managers write the things…

What Playing in a Rock Band Taught Me About Product Management, Part 2

In late 2016, I remember reading a great bit by John Vars (now CPO at Qonto, previously Varo Money & TaskRabbit) titled as per the above…


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