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Lincoln W Daniel

My passion is in developing software to enable people to accomplish their goals more efficiently. Author Creator of

karl taylor

I'm a person who does things, on occasion.

Andrew Azarias

Chief Everything Officer


I'm a business development marketing entrepreneur & Dwordslayer — I love different cultures,people and words. My Best brand I own — Me!

Debora Atala

Brazilian-Italian, living in Paris. Try-to-be entrepreneur and brand freelancer. Fashion addicted, music/films/tv series buff. Punk-Posh-Fake intellectual style

Meg Hogan

Marketing strategist. Temple alumna. Katz MBA. Currently in pharma.

Mohit Mamoria

CEO, Authorito Capital (

Kamil Rextin

Marketing | Growth [🧐] — find me on

Keshav Trehan

Digital Marketer, Content Strategist and Business Consultant.

Mark Growth

We give expert marketing and growth hacking advice for a living. Get your marketing right. Get more customers. Grow your business. Read our blog to learn more.

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