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T.S. Johnson

Writer. Editor. Professional Smartass.

H.A Wadi

Through love, there is light. Scientist/Writer/LocalActivist

Ophelia Keith

Blogger at Food columnist at Methuen Life.

Rachel Wayne

Writer by day, circus artist by night. I talk about film, society, mind, health, and where they all meet. Get creative career advice:

Trevor Mahoney

Studying Finance and Management Information Systems • Technology and Space Buff • California Born

Tendai Tomu

Blockchain Consultant, tech Futurist, Author: Libra in Africa (Get the book here

Benny Lim

Passionate about a few things in life, writing is one of the top ones. Writes mostly about life, fitness, relationships, and the odd randoms every now and then.

Kostas Farmakis

I write for the living for the past 30 years. Expert in digital life, tech and traveling. Currently learning code and stand-up comedy. Don’t know my endgame.

Katy Ferry

Katy Ferry is a writer and former expatriate. She’s a Southerner living in Washington, DC with a husband, two daughters and an old fat basset hound.

Kristen Reinhardt

An awkward, dog-loving, coffee-addicted writer, gamer, and wife.

Meaghan Ward

I’m the girl your parents warned you about. Stay in touch:

Peter Sealy

Program management for technology transformations and complex projects.

Diane Lee

Fifty something Australian writer living in Hanoi, Vietnam having all the adventures and then some. Blogs at and 💚

Daryl Bruce

A freelance writer specializing in such topics as writing, productivity, self, politics, and LGBTQ+ issues. Visit him at:

Megan Tee

Writer, Aromantic, History Buff, Fiction Writer, ENTP, Eternal Optimist. Sign up for my newsletter:


Best-selling author’s pen name. Conversation starters about writing, Jewish identity, women, life & death.

Gregory A

Gregory is an imperfect Christian, new husband, doggy daddy, amateur boxer, and Medium’s much needed leading conservative voice providing diversity of thought.

Joshua Theodorus Kurnia

Creative guy in his mid 20s writing life one story at a time — Producer, home cook, iced mocha lover, based in San Francisco.

Brian Rowe

Author / Teacher / MFA in Fiction. (

Thuận Sarzynski

SDG Warrior, World Citizen, Capitalist Hippie, Scientist, Polyglot, Storyteller, Writer, Earthling, Tree Hugger, Food Lover, Adoptee & Otaku

Wale Pimpim Akinlade

I just like to bleed out my experiences on the white canvass. Writing is therapeutic and I believe there are a lot of people to heal out there.

Kevin Rovere

Empathetic Marketer. Sharing Storys. Moments. Decisions. Thoughts. Thankful for every engaging conversation.

Amtul Jabeen

Positivity magnet. Writer. Mom. Enthusiast. Dreamer.

Matthew Maniaci

Living with and talking about mental illness in an open, honest way to help break down stigma. I was one of those suicidal kids you read about. He/him/his.

Casey Botticello

Serial Entrepreneur • Investor • Hacker • Online Reputation Management • OSINT • Top Writer & Founder of Medium Blogging Guide ➜

Dena Standley

Writing, learning and loving the journey. My aspirations are to find a tribe of those who love to read and to write as much as I do.

Christopher OLDCORN

A writer curious about the world. Published over 150 stories in 20+ publications. Keep in touch

Laura McDonell

I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

Sushree Mishra

Writer, Reader, Traveller. When I’m not working you will find me ‘inventing new games’ with my 4-year-old son. E-mail:

Mishael Witty

Search for Jesus Discipleship Coach. Committed to making something beautiful out of the broken pieces.

Dawn Bevier

My name is Dawn Bevier, and I am a teacher, thinker, learner, and writer. I love literature and all things “wild, airy, and beautiful.” @dawnbevier

Joseph Brown

I am a teacher and a writer. I’ve started a mission of success to find my voice and achieve financial freedom. I’m hoping to inspire others to find success too.

Shain E. Thomas, M.Sc.

With an M.Sc. from the University of North Texas, I’m a freelance journalist and a social historian. #APStylebook #BBCStyleGuide

Nguhiden J. Gar

Firm Christ believer. B2C creative writer — ghostwriter, copywriter, blogger (hire me!) Lover of great fiction, crosswords, and Scrabble.

Darshak Rana

Writer | Poet | Avid Reader |Chef | Mechanical Engineer| Travel Addict | Blogger | + Know more about me -

Kay Noor

I write about education, personal growth & mental health. I also write poems and short stories!

Brian Kurian

Writing & Marketing Coach, Blogger/Contributor for 20 Medium Publications. Email: Email list:

K M Brown

Retired psychotherapist who loves a good story.

Jason King

Money, Passive Income, Beginner Investing. Get a FREE stock up to $500 from Robin Hood Investing App on me! Click Here

Suraj Ghimire

I write stories of a random heart that I come across. Follower of Jesus Christ | An aspirant author | Mathematician | Writes on

Kim McKinney

I write about people and faith and travel and adventure and life in general. I love a good story. I blog at; Twitter @Olingrad 🌼

Frankie Garcia

Poet and writer. Changing lives one day at a time. I post a few times a week

Chloe Cuthbert or contact me here: Posts may contain affiliate links.

Lee Serpa Azevado

Scribbler of stuff, psych nurse, giant punsexual; fe/fi/fo/fum. Mental health(y), humo(u)r, politic(k)s and other such nonsense.

Lenka Otap

Computer scientist (master) and astrophysicist (master student) living in Denmark. Mother of 2 teens. Interests: Life, the universe, self-development, writing.

J.J. Pryor

Proud Canuck • Career generalist • Former MNC Product Strategist in Asia • Life is like a box of chocolates — that’s why I’m fat •

EP McKnight

Trying to provide the most useful thing you’ll read on any given day.

Tammi Brownlee

A fiction writer with a passion for bringing stories to life. Sign up for my newsletter:

Sex With T.S.

Your Guide to Great Sex

Nicholas E. Barron

Freelance writer in Washington, DC. Newsletters: Pronouns: he, him, his 🏳️‍🌈

Jim Woods

Published over 600 articles across 25+ publications. Top Writer. I'm an author, freelance writer, editor, and writing coach. Contact me

Chelsea Marie

Writer, poet, dreamer, wanderer, nerd, health & wellness enthusiast. We live our lives chasing dreams. Now let's make them come true.

Glenn Stok

Contributor of intellectual essays with over 2 million views on 20+ niche sites across the web inspiring you with rationality. Portfolio Website:

Toby Carr

Fiercely average human + writer. Follow me on Facebook:

Hapsari Listya

A psychology learner & love journalism ☃️ Inspired by a lot of indie-rock musicians 🎶

Maria Chapman

Writer | Educator | Fitness | Social Change | Mental Health


Recounting my stories. Owns “The Argument”. Writes for his health & fun. Contributes to UK Politics Today, Summit Plus & Med Daily.

Nicole Rothenay

I manage social media and email marketing for a higher education institution in South Texas. M.A., English. Mom. Army Combat Veteran. All thoughts my own.

Neil Mathew

I write about business, finance, technology, art, and culture.

Marie T Smith

English lass in Scot. Writer of humor, satire, food on a plate, travel, deeper stuff — & photographer. It’s about painting a picture I guess.

Melissa Miles McCarter

I live in a rural Civil War era home under constant renovation with my husband, stepson and daughter. Read more at

Heidi Anspaugh

Founder at Check out my 30-Day Publishing Challenge: Writing about digital marketing, entrepreneurship & life.

Christopher A. Kess

Writer | Photographer | Other Stuff | Baltimore |

Evelyn Martinez

Blackjack Dealer in North Dakota. Mama of a chihuahua named Barnabus. Dreaming of being a “real writer”. Reader beware — you’re in for a scare!-R.L. Stine

Mark Kelly

Ancient ex-programmer (ask me about Cobol) with a 12-year-old daughter (ask me about TikTok). Rebooting the writing habit after too long on the bench.

Gregory Cameron

Content marketing writer by day. Film student by night. Film watcher, book reader, mobile tech enthusiast. Making sense of all things through the written word.

Katy Preen

Journalist, author, feminist. Reading the comments so you don’t have to.

GFC: Grown Folk Conversations

We observe life through the lens of experience and intersectionality. We reflect, share and welcome dialogue. Let the laughter, learning & healing begin!

Kimberly A. Irwin

Writer. Idealist. #TheEnlightenmentSagaBook1 #AuthorKimIrwin #AuthorKimberlyAIrwin #FirstTimeAuthor

James Garside

NCTJ-qualified journalist (The Argus, Esquire, Big Issue), writer (Hacker Noon, Publishous, Writing Cooperative, 100+ more) and world traveler.

Delta B. McKenzie

Top writer in fiction and short stories. I’m just a Jamaican-British writer trying to make things work in a big world. Find me on twitter @db_mckenzie

Surendran Akambadiyar

Software Engineer by profession | Amateur chef by passion | Budding writer by Inspiration

Michael Boyle

Freelance writer/editor living in upstate New York. Looking for other writers to follow. Find me on Twitter:

M. C. Frances

Writer: Open marriage, swinging scene, relationships, erotica and all things lascivious. Subscribe to my newsletter:

Matilda Fairholm

Survivor, Believer, Writer, Lawyer. From Australia, a country of beautiful contrasts (and also of odd spelling, so I’m told .....)

T.J. Ross

Writer. It’s just my opinion.

Steve Jones

Writer, editor, photographer, historian, Ph.D. & irreverent academic.

Britni Pepper

Britni Pepper has always enjoyed telling stories. About people, places and pleasures.

Jane Trombley

People change and so do profiles. A chronicler of life and a pan-curious traveler. Wiser than before and hopefully, maybe, a bit funnier.

Erios De Kir

Writing to spark some inspiration into your day.

Christopher M. Cook

Writer. Explorer. Lover of art, wine, history, architecture, culture, film, music and archaeology.

Kathy W. 🤗

Writer. Asian. Have a lot of quirky ideas in mind. Like to be inspired and love to share inspiring stories.

Pedro Escudero

VP of Engineering at . Python & Ruby lover. Writer & role player (four fiction books published in Spanish). I never surrender.

Marie Raven

American expat in Norway. She/her. Wants to help you to make more art and feel better about doing it. Also working on scary stories and sci-fi stuff.

Mattia Di Gangi

PhD Student in Machine Translation. Blogging about research, technology and life.

Karin Blak

Award winning psychosexual & relationship therapist. Debut non-fiction book due out 2021. Write to inspire thought, conversation and positive interactions.

Michael Murray

Broken and messy. Following Jesus one shaky step at a time. Born with cerebral palsy. Believer that God doesn’t want anyone left out.


I write stories that make you think…I think. You can find those stories on:


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