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Putting technology on a more human path, one design story at a time.

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Joline Tang

Former teacher, current cat owner. I manage the Microsoft Design publication on Medium on the side. My words are all me. She/her.

Trish Winter-Hunt

Formerly Tucson. Currently Redmond. Perpetually Online. Content Manager at Microsoft. Views are my own.

Sheetal Agarwal

Sr. Design Researcher, Microsoft Research + Insight; Enabling Customer Informed Decisions. Views are my own

Josh Cottrell-Schloemer

Ex-Entrepreneur. Startups acquired=1. Comp Intel and Monitoring Expert. Google Data Studio Consultant. Based in Tokyo/Chiang Mai. Founder-G2 Performance Agency

Erin Wilcox

Research Content Writer, Microsoft Customer Insights + Research. Exploring the world of UX research & telling its stories. Views are my own.

Greg Young

Writer, scholar, soldier, athlete, gamer, world traveler, and casual sociopath.

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