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Adrian Drew

Inspiring others to live happier, one article at a time. Get in touch via adrian@mindcafe.co

Reed Rawlings

I focus on self-regulation — goals, compassion, motivation, focus, stress, and the tools to support them. Reed@mindcafe.co

Latest Posts

What’s so Addictive About Smartphones?

Phones drain our brain by design.

Acceptance is the Key to Coping With Pain

On brain cancer, false hope and learning to roll with life’s punches

When Searching For Happiness Takes Us Away from It

We’ll never find happiness out there, because happiness never left us.

The fundamental loneliness of existence

You’re not alone in your solitude

We All Live One Life — But Some of Us Live Two

A guide to recounting the moments that change everything

How To Take Control of Your Happiness

Being happy is not rocket science

A Simple, Easy, and Damn Near Free Way to Rule the World

I was at Barnes and Noble today and I experienced a moment that was very telling, profound even.

It’s As Simple As Giving It a Name

How to quiet our negative voice.

Happiness In A World That Has Forgotten How To Feel

A Simple Ingredient to Happiness That All of Us Can Use

Why Knowledge Isn’t Power

Knowledge is a tool. You can either look at the tool or use the tool to build your kingdom. You decide.


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