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How to Meditate: A Beginner’s Guide in 4 Easy-to-Follow Steps

It’s 2020 and it seems that if you don’t meditate or do yoga, your existence is doomed.

Planet, Profit, or You: Which One to Choose?

A humble manifesto for the lone wolves of entrepreneurship.

Relationships Smart Not Hard: 11 Simple Hacks to Become a More Likeable Individual

When people enjoy your presence, you glide through life as easily as a hot knife through melted butter.

Going Viral in 2020: 4 Weapons of Each Hyper-Successful Blogger

Let’s start getting ready for the new writing season.

The Brutality of Having a Choice: Too Many Options Make Us Feel Stressed & Stuck

On dangers of unlimited freedom, stagnation, and disaster porn.

Who Is an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are born imperfect like anyone else: they struggle and cry, flog themselves with doubts, and experience rejection…

Fear of Failure: Are We Capable of Rising From the Ashes?

On the extreme resiliency of a human being and the real challenge of being an entrepreneur.

Ultimate Anger Management Guide: Control It Before It Controls You

When to express it, when to suppress it, and when to let it go.

Kindness & Humiliation: Do You Know How to Be Helpful and Not Hurtful?

On the delicate matter of helping without shaming.

The Story of Your Life: What If You Have Been a Hero the Whole Time?

One of the greatest fears of a human is that they didn’t, don’t, or won’t matter.


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