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Latest Posts

The World’s Top Deepfake Artist Is Wrestling With the Monster He Created

Hao Li has spent his career perfecting digital trickery. Now he’s working to confront the problem of increasingly seamless off-the-shelf…

16 Million Americans Will Vote on Hackable Paperless Machines

Experts agree that paper ballots are needed, but eight American states will use completely paperless machines in the 2020 elections

What Is Section 230 and Why Does Donald Trump Want to Change It?

This provision of the Communications Decency Act is being blamed for everything from social-media bias to enabling revenge porn. Here’s…

Giving Up Just Half Your Hamburgers Can Really Help the Climate

The bad news: to make really deep emissions cuts, most of us should probably go vegan

Don’t Change Your DNA at Home, Says America’s First CRISPR Law

A California ‘human biohacking’ bill calls for warnings on do-it-yourself genetic-engineering kits

Has This Scientist Finally Found the Fountain of Youth?

Editing the epigenome, which turns our genes on and off, could be the ‘elixir of life’

CloudFlare Dropping 8chan Helps Fight Hate Even If 8chan Comes Back

CloudFlare has changed expectations of the moral obligations of technology companies

Why Smartphones’ ‘Cop Mode’ Might Not Keep Cops Out for Much Longer

The debate over ‘compelled decryption’ is likely headed for the US Supreme Court

AI Could Be Your Wingman — Er, Wingbot —on Your Next First Date

AIMM wants to disrupt online dating. What could go wrong?

China Has Started a Grand Experiment in AI Education. It Could Reshape How the World Learns.

In recent years, the country has rushed to pursue ‘intelligent education.’ Now its billion-dollar ed-tech companies are planning to export…


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