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Latest Posts

A New Chip Lets Robots ‘Imagine’ Their Actions Before They Make a Move

Robots that can rapidly plan out their movements could accelerate factory automation — and help keep fragile humans safe

How Much of the Solar System Should Be Designated Wilderness?

Most of it, say astrophysicists, if we want to guarantee the future of humanity

Deepfakes Have Got Congress Panicking. This Is What It Needs to Do.

With the election approaching, lawmakers are facing up to the fact they need to do something about the explosion in manipulated media

Facebook’s AI System Can Speak With Bill Gates’s Voice

The company’s AI researchers have developed a speech synthesizer capable of copying anybody’s voice with uncanny accuracy

Cybersecurity Flaws in Chips Are Still Taking Too Long to Fix

Delays in plugging security holes in semiconductor chips put everything from servers to phones at risk. Here are some suggestions for…

Regulating or Breaking Up Big Tech: An Antitrust Explainer

US regulators will investigate whether companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have too much power. Here’s an introduction to the…

How a Town Destroyed by Fire Is Trying to Make Itself Fireproof

Can a town like Paradise, California, ever be truly safe in the era of climate change?

The Ambitious Plan to Make the Internet’s Phone Book More Trustworthy

The domain name system is vulnerable to censorship and hacking. Blockchain could help.

How a Quantum Computer Could Break 2048-Bit RSA Encryption in 8 Hours

A new study shows that quantum technology will catch up with today’s encryption standards much sooner than expected. That should worry…

Cancer? This Researcher Says He Can See It in Your Blood.

Another large-scale effort is underway to develop a doctor’s-office test to find cancer in people with no symptoms


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