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If there are two things we know to be certain, it is that a firm education has the power to change the world, and that people enjoy movies…


The Genie is the ticket to more than just wishes when it comes to this reboot’s success.

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The franchise has evolved!

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You’ll learn to love anything that’s LAIKA-ble.

Avengers: Endgame


REVIEW | Hellboy (2019)

Aww yeah! Hellboy’s back from the dead!

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Oh ho ho ho ho! C’est un Vroom Vroom, Bang Bang — no?

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Don’t like sleeping? Well, step right in.

REVIEW | Captain Marvel (2019)

“Higher, Further, Faster, baby.”

MOVIE REVIEW: “Captain Marvel”

There is excitement and euphoria to be had by witnessing and enjoying the wonders made possible by this soaring female protagonist.


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