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Jon Arild Tørresdal

Developer at heart, Lean in mind. SRE, open source, open banking, speaker. Head of SRE @ Sparebanken Vest.

Latest Posts

Kubernetes – the Necessary Evil

Kubernetes allows for enormous flexibility — but it comes at a cost. The cost is complexity.

40% of IT projects fail to predict their future

That somebody predicted something in the past, that did not turn out to be accurate, should not come as a surprise.

Introducing Azure Key Vault to Kubernetes

Azure Key Vault to Kubernetes is a open-source project to handle Azure Key Vault secrets securely in Kubernetes

If you still insist on feature branching, you are hurting your business and our profession

The way our industry is using feature branching is hurting the quality, speed and agility of software development. As a profession we need…

Trunk-Based Development

Trunk-based development is when all developers check in their code to trunk at least once per day. A.k.a. continuous integration.

Continuous Integration (CI) — Is that what we’re doing?

Continuous Integration (CI) is not just about what happens on the CI Server, but what happens before — when and how often you integrate…

What does DevOps and the artist Timbuktu have in common?

Everyone wants DevOps, but only a few is willing to do what it takes. - me


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