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UI Interactions of the week #286

via Muzli design inspiration

11 Stunning Examples of Tab Based Navigation

Tabs are extremely practical elements that allow for a clutter-free UI. And while they’re most commonly used to group related content…

Weekly Design Inspiration #326

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Free & affordable fonts for Halloween

A Halloween selection fonts

An Exploration of the 80s Retro Style in Modern Web Design

The 1980s are often remembered as an era that left an indelible mark on pop culture, music, and technology. After all, it did give us…

UI Interactions of the week #285

via Muzli design inspiration

7 Ways to Enrich Customer Experience in Banking Products by Adding Soul

There are millions of digital products around us, but most of them do not have their own face, and have no story, all of which makes them…

Rules of UX: Perspective of Psychology in UX Design

User Experience can be anything ( good or bad ) a user feels while interacting with a product or service, and as a designer, it is our job…

13 Laws of UX

and their use in digital interfaces

Top 20 Beautiful Dashboard Designs of September 2021

Stunning dashboard designs of September


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