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Ohad Aviv

Co-founder & CEO @ Muzli. Father, designer and PM.

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Discovering Font Personality: 5 Font Psychology Insights That Will Improve Your UX Design

Color psychology hints have been uncovered in different design articles many times. Color matters — that’s obviously true. Various shapes…

Weekly Design Inspiration #220

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UI Interactions of the week #172

via Muzli design inspiration

Bumble — a UX case study

I’ve been using dating apps lately and here is (in my opinion) what’s wrong.

How Design Sprint saved us $50,000 and months of work

How we validated the idea, figured out what worked and what didn’t, and save the environmental startup time and money by using Design…

The 7 Success Mantras to be a Great Designer

Solely memorising of concepts and principles of design does not help in building a strong base to be a designer….

Influence Of AI on UI/UX

AI and UX are inextricably entwined in today’s world where we’re now facing a turning point in the new era of design. They both affect and…

How to make great isometric illustrations by the simplest way

Isometry illustrations ranks first in the list of the main trends of commercial graphics for a number of years and it is wildly popular…


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Designing Brands To Empower Social Entrepreneurship

Why I founded a design firm with the goal of growing positive social movements through design.


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