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I'm a Frontend Architect at Datorama, blogger, open source maintainer, creator of Akita and Spectator, Husband, Father and the Co-founder of HotJS

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Lifting the Veil: Insights into Angular’s EventManagerPlugin

Getting to know the EventManagerPlugin in Angular

Prevent Loading Redundant ES2015+ Browser Polyfills Thanks to Angular CLI

Working with the newest JS language features, such as those which came in ES2015 or later, we are forced to add the transpiled and…

The Need for Speed: Lazy Load Non-Routable Modules in Angular 🏎

As you probably know, Angular comes with a functionality that allows you to lazy load routable modules out of the box. Although in most…

Context Menus Made Easy with Angular CDK

With the new release of the Angular CDK (v7.3.0), the overlay position strategy gets a new cool ability that we can use to help us create…

Make Your Angular Form’s Error Messages Magically Appear

In this article, we’re going to learn how to develop a generic method that displays validation errors in Angular’s form. I will walk you…

Hot off the Press: Passing Data between Routes in Angular v7.2

For any folks that might have missed it. Angular now supports passing arbitrary state objects during navigation 😍.

Creating Powerful Components with Angular CDK

Creating Components with Angular CDK Overlay

Spend Your Xmas Break Catching Up on the Hottest Trends in Angular

It’s that time of year again — time to look back at everything that came our way. Whether it’s new Akita features, innovations in Angular…

Simulating Events in Angular Unit Tests

In this article, I will walk you through the process of triggering events when writing unit tests for Angular components. We’ll also learn…

Manage HTTP Downtime with Angular, RxJS, and HTTP Interceptors

In a perfect world, everybody would have a fast net connection all the time. But at present, your users can find themselves repeatedly…


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