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Python at Netflix

By Pythonistas at Netflix, coordinated by Amjith Ramanujam and edited by Ellen Livengood

Introducing SVT-AV1: a scalable open-source AV1 framework

by Andrey Norkin, Joel Sole, Kyle Swanson, Mariana Afonso, Anush Moorthy, Anne Aaron

Design Principles for Mathematical Engineering in Experimentation Platform at Netflix

In order to produce software that improves scientists productivity we have come up with the following design principles.

Trace Event, Chrome and More Profile Formats on FlameScope

Less than a year ago, FlameScope was released as a proof of concept for a new profile visualization. Since then, it helped us, and many…

MezzFS — Mounting object storage in Netflix’s media processing platform

By Barak Alon (on behalf of Netflix’s Media Cloud Engineering team)


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