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SVT-AV1: an open-source AV1 encoder and decoder

by Andrey Norkin, Joel Sole, Mariana Afonso, Kyle Swanson, Agata Opalach, Anush Moorthy, Anne Aaron

Ready for changes with Hexagonal Architecture

A story on how we leveraged Hexagonal Architecture principles to be prepared for changes in the Netflix Studio ecosystem.

Introducing Dispatch

Netflix is pleased to announce the open-source release of our crisis management orchestration framework: Dispatch!

AVIF for Next-Generation Image Coding

By Aditya Mavlankar, Jan de Cock, Cyril Concolato, Kyle Swanson, Anush Moorthy and Anne Aaron

Netflix Now Streaming AV1 on Android

By Liwei Guo, Vivian Li, Julie Beckley, Venkatesh Selvaraj, and Jeff Watts

Open-Sourcing riskquant, a library for quantifying risk

Netflix has a program in our Information Security department for quantifying the risk of deliberate (attacker-driven) and accidental…


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