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New York Times Magazine

Features, columns, style and food coverage from The New York Times Sunday Magazine.


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A nightly concert that transports you to a time before your kind walked the earth

How America’s Vast Racial Wealth Gap Grew: By Plunder

It wasn’t just slavery but segregation, redlining, evictions, exclusion — and outright theft

In Order to Understand the Brutality of American Capitalism, You Have to Start on the Plantation

Slavery helped turn America into a financial colossus. And our economy is still shaped by management practices invented by enslavers and…

Why American Prisons Owe Their Cruelty to Slavery

Our criminal justice system is still shaped by a fear of black people and a taste for violent punishment born on the plantation

Spain’s Most Celebrated Writer Believes the Fascist Past Is Still Present

Javier Marías has spent his career chronicling his country’s moral trade-off with its violent history

How the Viral Campaign Ad Became a Political Trap

The newest way to kick off a congressional campaign isn’t by shaking hands across your district. It involves making a splashy video for…

How Bill de Blasio Went From Progressive Hope to Punching Bag

The New York mayor turned quixotic presidential candidate seems sick of his city — and the feeling is mutual

When Gender Reveal Videos Go Spectacularly, Cathartically Wrong

It’s like that saying about how to make God laugh: Just tell him your plans

When You Wear Sunscreen, You’re Taking Part in a Safety Study

By putting on sunscreen, we are all taking part in a safety study conducted by no one. But that doesn’t mean we should stop.

Megan Rapinoe Is in Celebration Mode. And She’s Got Some Things to Say.

‘We’re not just here to sit in the glass case for you to look at. That’s not how this is going to go.’


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