At Nrwl we build dev tools for monorepos and help companies use them.

Victor Savkin

Nrwlio co-founder, Xoogler, Xangular. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. @NxDevTools and Nx Cloud architect. Calligraphy and philosophy enthusiast. Stoic.

Jeff Cross

Co-founder, Angular team

We help teams via training, consulting, and open source Nx dev tools. Follow,,

Kim Maida

Head of Developer Relations & Community at Gatsby. Google Developer Expert. Microsoft MVP. Formerly: Biologist.

Jason Jean

Nrwler who works on Nx and Angular Universal

Brandon Roberts

Web dev, tech writer, DevRel at Nrwl, NgRx maintainer, GDE, sports fan, recovering gadget addict, and still learning. Gif game 💪🏿

Latest Posts

Core Performance Improvements, Webpack 5, React Native, and more in Nx 13!

We are excited to announce Nx version 13! We have implemented many highly anticipated features. In addition to new features, we have also…

☁️ Nx Cloud 2.2 ☁️

It’s been three months since we last updated you with what’s going on in the computation caching wonderworld that is Nx Cloud and in that…

Step by Step Guide on Creating a Monorepo for React Native Apps using Nx

Do you want to have both mobile and web apps in the same repo? Do you wish that you could share code between mobile and web apps? This blog…

Publishing a Next.js app to Vercel with Nx

During this journey from setting up our Next.js app within an Nx workspace, to configuring Tailwind, Markdown rendering, Storybook and…

Nx Conf 2021 Agenda now online!

Nx Conf is just around the corner and the agenda is now live on the conference website.

Micro-Frontends using Module Federation, presets for React and Storybook, TypeScript compiler…

Nx 12.8 includes many fixes, and new features, including support for Micro-frontends using Module Federation and Angular, presets for React…

Use Cypress with Next.js and Nx to battle test your React Components

In the previous article, we talked about how Nx comes with first-class support for setting up Storybook. Nx also automatically generates…

Speeding up computations in GitHub/CircleCI workflows with Affected Commands

One of the most exciting features of Nx is using the project graph to run the target commands. This article exposes a bit of magic behind…

Use Storybook with Tailwind in an Nx Workspace

In the previous article, we talked about Nx workspace generators and how they can help be more efficient in automating repetitive tasks. In…

Using Nx Workspace generators to scaffold new blog posts

In the previous article we talked about how to leverage Nx capabilities to create a custom Next server that allows us to perform a fast…


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