At Nrwl we build dev tools for monorepos and help companies use them.

Victor Savkin

Nrwlio co-founder, Xoogler, Xangular. Work on dev tools for TS/JS. @NxDevTools and Nx Cloud architect. Calligraphy and philosophy enthusiast. Stoic.

Jeff Cross

Co-founder, Angular team


Smart, Fast and Extensible Build System with First-Class Monorepo Support

Jason Jean

Nrwler who works on Nx and Angular Universal

Juri Strumpflohner

🐳🦄 Sr. Director of Dev Experience at Nx · 👨‍💻 Google Dev Expert #GDE · 🥚 @eggheadio instructor · Dad · @nxdevtools

Zack DeRose

Father, Senior Engineer at @nrwl_io. Game development hobbyist.

Latest Posts

Launch Nx Week Recap!!!

We just finished wrapping up Launch Nx Week, which ran from February 5–9, including a full conference on Thursday!

Versioning and Releasing Packages in a Monorepo

When it comes to publishing NPM packages, there are a bunch of libraries and utilities out there that help with the process. Many of them…

Fast, Effortless CI

From 90-minute to 10-minute CI Pipelines

Introducing @nx/nuxt: Enhanced Nuxt.js Support in Nx

We’re excited to introduce a new way to enhance your Nuxt development workflow! After the Vue plugin, we’re introducing our new Nx plugin…

What if Nx Plugins Were More Like VSCode Extensions

Enhance, but don’t interfere! That’s the ideal! And this is how extensions work in VSCode (or Webstorm). You can use VSCode without any…

Nx — Highlights of 2023

Co-authored by Victor Savkin and Zack DeRose

Nx 17.2 Update!!

It’s been a bit since we launched Nx 17! In this article, we’ll go over some of the new developments and improvements that have landed in…

Unit Testing Expo Apps With Jest

In my latest blog, I successfully navigated through the steps of setting up an Expo Monorepo with Nx. The next challenge? Testing! This…

Nx Docs AI Assistant

Discover the Nx Docs AI Assistant: an advanced tool transforming documentation navigation with AI-driven, context-aware answers, using GPT.

State Management Nx React Native/Expo Apps with TanStack Query and Redux

There are currently countless numbers of state management libraries out there. This blog will show you how to use state management for…


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