An exploration of the social implications of technology, the future of democracy, and issues of critical importance to our communities and world.


Peer-reviewed publication exploring the social implications of technological advance, democracy, and issues of critical importance to our communities and world.

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Surviving Superintelligence: part 4 of 4

Technological Determinism in Superintelligence

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New Technologies Feed the Flames of Fake News

A 2017 Radiolab podcast investigates two new technologies currently in development that will allow for the creation of high quality and…

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CRISPR: The Craziest Thing You’ve Never Heard Of

How a new genetic technology is changing biology, humans, and the world as we know it

What American Politics Can Learn From British Youth

The youth turnout changed the UK snap election. What does it mean for the 2018 US midterms?

The Politics of the Minimum Wage

How the battle for minimum wage plays out in politics, and what we can do about it

Higher Wages = Less Jobs?

The minimum wage debate in St. Louis, and complicating evidence from Seattle


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