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Obvious Capital is a crypto portfolio management company with a quantamental approach for high net worth individuals and Institutions. Follow us for crypto market insights.

Benjamin Júnior

founder • entrepreneur • determined dreamer • food evangelist • life enthusiast • professional problem solver • internet ninja • coffee junkie • BR/PT

Hugo Pinto

Quantitative Researcher & Data Scientist. Passionate about Mathematics, AI & Finance.

Pedro M. Fernandez

Entrepreneur, Trader, Market Analyst, TRIer and Reality Hacker :)

Latest Posts

Crypto Investor Report, August 20

Last week we were discussing Bitcoin’s price consolidation and its most probable resolution downwards

Crypto Investor Report, August 13

After tagging the $12,500 level Bitcoin has been retracting and consolidating in a consistent fashion.

Crypto Investor Report, August 6

Last week Bitcoin was driving around in a pivotal area, with the bearish direction being the most plausible path of least resistance

Crypto Investor Report, July 30

Bitcoin keeps retracting day after day, exhibiting lower highs as times goes by. Enclosed in a small trading channel for the past seven…

Crypto Investor Report, July 23

After plummeting into the $9k levels, Bitcoin went into relief-rally mode. Prices hovered for the week in the $10–11k range, but market’s…

Quick Market Outlook, Jul 22

Weekly showing double top structure quite consolidated and 3x3 now cupping, doji — definitely a Transition pattern.

Crypto Investor Report, July 16

Solid resistance in the $13,000 level woke up the recently hybernated bears, and prices plummeted back to 10k psychological support.

Crypto Markets — Impressions from Q2 of 2019

Each quarter, Obvious Capital sends out a letter to our investors and followers, updating them on the performance of the crypto markets.

Crypto Investor Report, July 9

Bitcoin is still on the move. After months sailing through 4-digit prices, it finally seemed to have found a relief port on the 5-digit…

Is a Bitcoin ETF Possible in 2019?

Are we close to have an ETF for Bitcoin?


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