Oddup is a global leader in startup, investment, and ICO insights and analysis.


Oddup is the global leader in startup, investment, ecosystem, sector, and ICO insights and analysis.

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How Blockchain Is Changing The Financial And Banking Sector

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Public Blockchain v/s Private Blockchain

Blockchain is an open and distributed ledger that records transactions using cryptography to keep this data secure and immutable. A…

Delving Into ICO Private Sales, Pre-Sales, And Crowdsales

Private sale, pre-sale, and crowdsale — these terms are repeatedly heard of whenever the topic of ICOs is explored. But what does each of…

Traditional Funding or ICOs: What Do Investors Prefer For Blockchain Startups?

Blockchain is standing on the precipice of exponential growth. Its potential is massive and is evoking growing interest from investors…

The Crypto-Insurance Trend

There have been a lot of movements in the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors. The latest in these is the recent trend of cryptocurrency…

Red Flags To Look Out For In An ICO

After much deliberation, a startup may determine to launch an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) instead of opting for traditional venture…


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