Oddup is a global leader in startup, investment, and ICO insights and analysis.


Oddup is the global leader in startup, investment, ecosystem, sector, and ICO insights and analysis.

Jackie Lam

Entrepreneur. Startup mentor. Co-founder at www.Oddup.com

James Giancotti

CEO @odd_up

Latest Posts

The 5 Roles a Startup CEO Needs to Assume

Being the CEO of a startup is a highly diverse responsibility.

Ten Tips For First-time Fundraising

A startup founder’s first fundraising round can be both terrifying and exhilarating. It’s the moment where you share your passion with…

Will ICOs Make Startups Skip Accelerator Programs?

All things crypto were hot in 2017. ICOs (initial coin offerings), especially, gained tremendous popularity and became the preferred…

Plan your investment into Seattle

Seattle can be a great investment destination for investors looking at different sectors and funding stages. The largest sector is…

Understanding Funding Rounds: How Startup Funding Rounds Differ

Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, and so on — funding rounds are not just phases of fundraising. They are actually milestones along the…

How to invest in a Parisian startup

Paris is becoming one of the most preferred startup investment destinations in the world. Once popular for its tourism, Paris is now…

The ICO space needs to be made clearer

In spite of the immense popularity achieved by ICOs as a startup investment method, the ICO space remains opaque. The need of the hour is a…

Are ICOs the Key to a Successful Startup Journey?

Startups in the sector are increasingly supporting ICOs over VC funding

Is Toronto Ideal For Your Next Startup Investment?

Toronto is a booming startup hub, and Finance and Healthcare are two of the most highly valued sectors in its startup ecosystem. Similar to…

Invest in Berlin: A Detailed Look at the Berlin Startup Landscape

One of the more popular startup hubs in the world, Berlin has been increasingly garnering investor interest. Enterprise Solutions and…


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