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If you see a celebrity trending, don’t automatically assume they died. It might just be their birthday.

How Supervillains Could Help Save the Planet

Doomsday devices might prove surprisingly useful in the event of the end of the world

My Friend Posted a Violent Manifesto on Facebook

Watching mental breakdowns in the age of social media

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It’s time to reflect on what we’re willing to do to join the online conversation

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An utterly cheesy, totally true essay about wireless earphones

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The development of artificial general intelligence offers tremendous benefits and terrible risks

How Human Collapse Could Really Happen

Between climate change and more, we could be sleepwalking into annihilation

OpenAI Wants to Move Slow and Not Break Anything

The Sam Altman-led company is gradually rolling out more and more powerful versions of its A.I. to study how it’s misused

How New A.I. Is Making the Law’s Definition of Hacking Obsolete

Using adversarial machine learning, researchers can trick machines. But the legal system hasn’t caught up.


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