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Michael Zelenko

Features editor, Medium

Damon Beres

Editor in Chief, OneZero at Medium

Bryan Walsh

Journalist, author, dad. Former TIME magazine editor and foreign correspondent. Author of END TIMES, a book about existential risk and the end of the world.

Dave Gershgorn

Writing on AI at OneZero. Previously Qz, PopSci, and NYTimes.

Megan Morrone

Platform Editor, OneZero at Medium.

Sarah Kessler

Author and journalist, writing and editing at Medium’s OneZero.

Sarah Emerson

Staff Writer, OneZero at Medium

Yasmin Tayag

Senior editor at OneZero at Medium. Previously at Inverse. Covering all science that’s shaping the future.

Drew Costley

Drew Costley is a reporter, editor, photojournalist, and multimedia journalist who covers the environment, health, science and tech. He’s based in the Bay Area.

Emily Mullin

Staff writer at OneZero, covering the intersection of biology and technology.

Will Oremus

Senior Writer, OneZero, at Medium

Jovanna Tosello

Art Director at Medium. Formerly NBC News, the Daily Show, Community, and Seriously.Tv.


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