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Latest Posts

We Already Know What Our Data Is Worth

New legislation would require tech companies to disclose the value of users’ data, but we don’t need laws to put a price on our autonomy

When Will the Next Hurricane Strike California?

The state hasn’t been hit by such a storm since 1858 — but the chances rise in El Niño years like this one

People Are Buying Fillers Online and Injecting Them Into Their Own Faces

Sketchy online shops and YouTube are serving a dangerous market for “DIY” cosmetic procedures

Meet the YouTube Community Dedicated to Reviewing Fake Swag from China

Teens are flocking to the ‘Amazon of China’ for knockoff sneakers

Inside The Race to Build the Netflix of Food

Kraft-Heinz’s Evolv is using the algorithmic analysis pioneered by tech companies to help us plan our meals

Tumblr’s Vital Queer Community Is Disintegrating

Besides a still rampant porn bot problem, adult content on Tumblr is pretty much gone

Why One Arctic Fox Took the Longest Migration in the Species’ History

The effects of climate change can be tracked in a single animal’s record-breaking journey

A New Constitution for Content Moderation

Social media platforms should look to human rights law to govern speech on the internet

The Biggest Challenge for Facebook’s Libra Is Money

The social media platform’s planned experiment with cryptocurrency needs to work as well as regular currency

The Launching of the Santa Fe Institute

A pioneer in the study of complex systems tells the origin story of one of the most famous intellectual institutes in the world


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