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Latest Posts

A Highly Scientific Theory About Rey’s Origins in ‘Rise of Skywalker’

It involves the Emperor, clones, and highly questionable bioethics

Tech Platforms Love Moving Fast — Except When Their Users Are in Trouble

The CEOs of YouTube and Twitter are being far more cautious in addressing the problems of their platforms than they were in building them

What’s on Your Home Screen, Jeremy Burge?

The Emojipedia founder on rude weather apps and living on a boat

Apple vs. Facebook Enters a New Era

With two pivots on the horizon, here’s what you should know

Privacy Is the New Digital Divide

Keeping your data secure is becoming a luxury good — and the poor risk becoming second-class online citizens

Post-Theranos, Startups Are Still Out for Blood

‘Hubris is very dangerous’: How blood diagnostic companies are distancing themselves from Theranos’ fraud charges

Are We at Risk for a Space Arms Race?

The Pentagon’s space-based missile defense plans could escalate tensions with rival space powers

How Ayn Rand Bridges Silicon Valley Billionaires and Fossil Fuel Moguls

Bill McKibben on his new book, the need for direct action on climate change, and the threats of A.I.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Is a New Path Forward for Smartphones

Damn you, Galaxy Fold, don’t make me want you

Could Your Therapist Be Replaced with an App?

While the field of internet cognitive behavioral therapy holds a lot of promise, the best mental health care still requires a human touch


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