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Data Lake Icon: Visual Reference

If you were looking for some data lake icons or data lake logos, our creative team created a few for Openbridge. You can see them below.

Amazon Advertising Reports: Performance Data

The keys to understanding Amazon Advertising Report data for BI, reporting, and data analysis

Cloud Data Lake Best Practices: Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

Why an open, flexible, and agile data lake architecture makes a difference between success or swamp

Amazon Sellers and Vendors: Building Brand Loyalty

Helping shoppers discover, engage, and repeat purchases with your brand

Amazon Advertising Sponsored Display Reaches New Audiences

Sellers & Vendors can extend advertising efforts to new audiences on and off Amazon

AWS Lake Formation: Accelerating Data Lake Adoption

If you read about data lakes, you will often come across a post, guide, documentation, or tweet that will describe setting up a data lake…

PrestoDB vs PrestoSQL & the new Presto Foundation

PrestoDB moves to the Linux Foundation, Revisiting PrestoDB vs. PrestoSQL

Helping Seller Central FBA merchants keep selling in response to coronavirus AMZN service…

To help Seller Central merchants deal with this temporary suspension, starting today (March 18th, 2020), we will be rolling out free access

Looker + Amazon Advertising: E-Commerce Advertising Data Analytics

The highest-performing sellers on Amazon drive performance by taking advantage of an essential resource available to them, Amazon…

Database Replication: AWS Database Migration Service

AWS DMS is an easy to use, cost-effective database replication tool


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