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thoughts on digital engagement and social action

Jeff Swift

PhD in Communication, Rhetoric, & Digital Media. Democracy junkie. Father of three.

Adriel Hampton

American digital strategist and political consultant. Advertising. Marketing. Fundraising. The Adriel Hampton Group.

Latest Posts

The Bots That Fight Trump

First, I want to say that we are stunned by Speaker Pelosi’s recent statements about Trump’s unwillingness to leave office and continued…

Advanced Facebook Engagement Strategy with ActionSprout

Suppose you’re ready to re-engage with an email or mobile phone list of folks who signed up for your campaign or cause but haven’t been…

Where Should We Put Our Political Energy?

Getting mad about Beto’s campaign finance gamesmanship is barking up the wrong tree.

Going viral — how a student protest changed the mind of California’s Senator Feinstein

On Friday, I’d hoped to join Sunrise Movement Bay Area for a morning Green New Deal action at Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco Office…

Helping Activists Be Organizers

We use the word activism loosely and flexibly. Activism can be a lot of things. It can be unorganized or barely-organized agitation. It…

My, but hopefully not America’s, eulogy

Last night I had a dream that I died and was weirdly attending my own funeral sort of like the movie Ghost, but with better acting. It was…

Three Life Hacks To Solve the Trump Problem

The #resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency has sparked a new movement inspiring people, particularly in the tech and startup world to…

How do we make political coverage more engaging?

The daily proceedings of the U.S. Congress don’t always make for the most exciting news. But their actions have profound implications for…

Need for speed for campaigning

There are thousands of elections each year in the United States, and ever more candidates vying for those positions. For anyone who is…

Deconstructing the “Shattered” Attack on Campaign Innovation

The first draft of the 2016 Clinton campaign defeat has been written, and it contains a dangerously incorrect narrative casting doubt on…


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