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real relationships, real advice. #OneLove.

Kay Bolden

Author of Breakfast with Alligators: Tales of Traveling After 50, available now on Amazon | Tweet @KayBolden | Contact: kaybolden.xyz

Scott Muska

Writer. "I Thought This Was Worth Sharing" (essays) and "Many of These Could Have Just Been Tweets" (poetry) are available on Amazon.


Visit hackernoon.com. FYI: we publish rarely w/ Medium CMS b/c of pop up ads for account creation & paywall requesting $$$ from readers. Open Internet!

Dan Moore

Writer | The Ringer, SF Chronicle, Human Parts, Forge, Oaklandside | Editor-in-Chief: PS I Love You. Twitter @dmowriter. Web https://www.danmoorewriter.com/

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This Was Not Supposed To Be a Tragedy

Are You a Foster Boyfriend or Girlfriend? 6 Ways to Tell.

And how to stop if it’s not what you want anymore.


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