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founder/ceo @ https://hackernoon.com/ doing things in digital publishing. also, working on my dad jokes.

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P.S. I Love You

real relationships, real advice. #OneLove.

Dan Moore

Writer | Editor of PS I Love You | Words all over | Mailing list: http://bit.ly/38Eru5T | Andre 3000 is the best rapper alive.

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A seasoned woman. Currently on my #GapYearAt60. Managing editor, P.S. I Love You. Tweet @KayBolden | kaybolden.writer@gmail.com

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I guess I am a bottom-of-the-barrel, bargain basement, 95% off sale item.

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But now I know I was running toward the woman I aspired to be.

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How pain differs with age and wisdom.

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How to Date Potential the Right Way

Not everyone deserves your support and understanding. Date someone who does.

Learn to Be Mentally Tough

Mental toughness for those who are not navy seals or extreme athletes, yet still want to develop discipline.

My Future Husband Called Me the C-Word

And other warning signs the wedding was a mistake

This is How I Know I’m a Cool Parent

My daughter is wearing my jean jacket


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