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David Smooke

founder/ceo @ https://hackernoon.com/ doing things in digital publishing. also, working on my dad jokes.

ArtMap Inc.

The Digital Storytelling Firm → http://www.artmapinc.com/ Publishing → http://www.amipublications.com/ Philosophy → http://www.horizontalstorytelling.com/.

Linh Dao Smooke

COO @hackernoon & Norah’s mom. Contribute a story: contribute.hackernoon.com. Sign up for 2.0: community.hackernoon.com

P.S. I Love You

real relationships, real advice. #OneLove.

Dan Moore

Writer. Editor. Student of Andre 3000. Words all over. Newsletter + more of my work: https://www.danmoorewriter.com/

Kay Bolden

A seasoned woman. Writer, tree hugger, scotch drinker. Managing editor, P.S. I Love You. Tweet @KayBolden | kaybolden.writer@gmail.com

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When the young woman at the Mount Royal Crematorium handed me her remains, she said, “That’s the lightest box of ashes I’ve ever seen.”

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It takes a road trip to discover who we really are.

The Art of Staying Married

After 16 years, this is how they make it work.

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Manifesting problems in my relationships due to past trauma.


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