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David Pakman

I invest in crypto @coinfund_io. Investor in Dollar Shave Club, Dapper Labs, Rarible, Flow and more. Previously @Venrock.

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Joining CoinFund

After 13 years of venture investing, and 30 years in tech, I’m going “all-in” on crypto and am joining CoinFund. Please read on to learn…

Investing in Rarible

Back in 2018, we speculated that NFTs (non-fungible tokens) would be the product category to take crypto mainstream. So far, we aren’t…

Now Your Grocer Knows Everything NOT on The Shelves

Schnucks Markets Rolls Out Simbe’s Robots to more than half of their stores.

Music’s Live-Streaming Moment

Since 1995, many of us have dreamed of a world of live-streamed music events.  It might finally be happening.

Bringing Efficiency To Retail With Automation

Simbe Robotics frees up workers to do what humans do best—interact with customers.

Blockchain Ballers

Want to own some of the greatest moments in NBA History? Coming soon…

Crypto Collectibles—The Second Consumer Blockchain Wave?

As a kid I collected baseball cards. I actually still have them. I started buying packs of Topps and Fleer cards, moved on to trading them…

The Crypto Mission

In 1998, the United States Department of Justice filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft, accusing the company of abusing their…


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