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Writing mostly to myself. Sharing some of it with you. Hope it helps. More posts at Subscribe for free.

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Avoiding What Others Want For You

Many people try to derive satisfaction in life from what they expect others to do. We wield a lot of influence over one another. So much…

Diogenes and Cosmopolitanism

The Dream of a World Community has Ancient Origins

Realizing Your Vision

Why not you? Why can’t you fulfill the vision you have inside of you? Half the battle is believing that it can happen. The other half is…

What We Need The Most

For many of us, we pursue money and possessions as a way of satisfying not only our material needs but also our inner needs. We feel like…

The Science of How Music Affects Your Productivity

Music isn’t just a source of entertainment. It’s also a powerful tool to improve your focus and mental performance.

A Quiet Man

There once was a man who was very quiet. Because of his quietness, people thought the man lacked confidence. His quietness made others…

Empathy Is the Superpower to Be in Sync

It makes you see what others can’t

Start With Doing Nothing

We don’t always have to find something to do. Sometimes doing nothing can do a lot for us. Staying busy is sometimes a way of running away…

Searching In The Wrong Places

We tend to look for fulfillment outside ourselves. Through the opinions of others. Through material possessions. Through promotions at…

How Mindfulness, Minus The Hype, Benefits Your Brain And Mood

How to improve your emotional and physical well-being


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