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Utterly Fluttergasted

Last year, October 2017, we made it very clear that we are not cross-platform developers and sparked a passionate discussion. We’ve always…

How to talk to your machines. Why we have a Conversational Designer.

Eliza here, Conversational designer and (Voice) developer at Pixplicity. These days I’ve been talking more and more to our in house…

Size matters: How your app size is costing you customers

2.6 million apps in the Google Play store today — no wonder convincing a user to install your app has never been more difficult. As if it…

The Heisenbug that had us baffled for days: The strange tale of tasks and launch intents

A few weeks ago, an exceptional QA tester raised this issue:

Why we are not cross-platform developers

Since the invention of the smartphone many developers have asked the same question: how can I build and release an app for multiple…

Animating a single item from a <layer-list>

A bit more than a year back, android animations was a big black hole for me... Then one day my director came to me and he showed me the…


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