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Pixplicity ontwikkelaar Eliza Camber erkents als Google Development Expert

Finding motivation in the tech world

The past 2 years I’ve traveled a lot, and (with some exceptions to see my family) all of my trips were for conferences, Meetups and…

Keeping your accounts secure with Two-Factor Authentication

Strong security tools are useless if they are too cumbersome to use. (Which is why we made it easier.)

Utterly Fluttergasted

Last year, October 2017, we made it very clear that we are not cross-platform developers and sparked a passionate discussion. We’ve always…

How to talk to your machines. Why we have a Conversational Designer.

Eliza here, Conversational designer and (Voice) developer at Pixplicity. These days I’ve been talking more and more to our in house…

Size matters: How your app size is costing you customers

2.6 million apps in the Google Play store today — no wonder convincing a user to install your app has never been more difficult. As if it…

The Heisenbug that had us baffled for days: The strange tale of tasks and launch intents

A few weeks ago, an exceptional QA tester raised this issue:

Why we are not cross-platform developers

Since the invention of the smartphone many developers have asked the same question: how can I build and release an app for multiple…

Animating a single item from a <layer-list>

A bit more than a year back, android animations was a big black hole for me... Then one day my director came to me and he showed me the…


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