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Until we meet again

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Until we meet again

Hey everyone, I’m taking a break from Medium. I’ve enjoyed my time spent reading and writing on here. I’ve discovered lots of great writers…

We Were Rebels

Steamy flirts Joyride to nowhere Hard liquor, AC/DC And the cyberpunk scene Your breath, my body My whisper, your goosebumps Riding the…

Long Enough

What is it to sit with passion? Watching the sun hiding over the hill. Going with the silver child dancing Into the dim and frightening…

The Pen is Dry

Just like my sad and aching mind


She tears me apart with moonlight Kissing edge of midnight clouds Silver-blue, a shine unknown To the cult of day Riding portentous…

Consolation Keep

Am I to be consolation, Or is it that you are mine? To keep saying “I love you” Hoping that it won’t grow stale And instead enrich its zest…

Madonna Divinus

By your immanence, I have become a cloud By your heart, I am filled with the poison of strangest stars By your immaculate beauty, I am…

“Girl Unsatisfied”

A girl moves with the night; Toward tumbling waves, beaches bright. Moonlight shines beaming down Warm water all around.


Cooling down my cheek There is but an ache Come alive through the storm As I gaze upon you But an idol (Only an image) Though I can see…


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