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Heath ዟ

https://amazon.com/author/heathhouston “Growin up leads to growin old and then to dyin… and dyin, to me, don’t sound like all that much fun…”

marika bianca

storyteller, dreamer, chaser of light.

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Like so many points of stars, we find ourselves connected and while I’m not one to speak of fate I can’t help but believe you and I are…

A stolen march

After you stole a march on me


Secret traitor peeps the sanctum,

My Secret

Shh, listen to what I really need


Succulent prune pulp oozes


That tantalizing moment

Gone, In A Few Seconds. . .

Gone, In A Few Seconds. . . by Fọlábòmí Àmọ̀ó

The Covenant~

When the wretched leash of morality is released  from your soul  I will show you for whom the bell tolls


Love Forever


My hips moved on its own accord,


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