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Medium's long-running, poetry-only publication. A diverse, engaging and authentic few-times-a-week poetry magazine. Original poetry only, look elsewhere for prose. Readable by all - membership not required. [The Guidelines page indicates when we're open to new poets.]


It’s Ross, who lives in Ottawa, curates the “Poets Unlimited” publication & writes a bit too. Pull up a chair & read a while.

Latest Posts

Technologies of Old

above the old city the new one rose in silent manly towers

The Huffer’s Lullaby

I want to breathe gasoline  Hug the diesel right out of you  Terrible pain  Knocked to a nod  We’re twin anxiety engines  We’re…

Birth Pangs

God is glowing out of the corner of my eye


I thought I’d keep, when my mother died, her tea pot as a memento.


Every day I walk through the doors with a smile.

A Poetry Recital

The hardest thing to do, Is to make people read your poetry. You wait eagerly through prolonged dinners; Where the shrimp tasted like…


And I will fall.

Open Me

Open the sadness, Open the joy

Back Home

I cannot hear myself think inner voices seek refuge crumpled up and stuck against concrete.

Before dawn

You You woke me up Just before dawn


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