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Let’s Talk About Spider-Man

News has come out that Spider-Man may, indeed, be out of the MCU. But have the reactions been a bit too over the top?

What Are You Proud of?

A collection of personal anecdotes about some of our proudest work and experiences

The Best Movies of 2018

2018 had some major ups and downs, but one thing is for sure: Movies are still good.

The Last of Us Review

When it comes to the acumen of developers in the gaming industry, Naughty Dog is perhaps the golden standard of maintained excellence. As…

Does ‘Iron Man 3’ Hate Me?

An unnecessarily in-depth investigation into one of Marvel’s most peculiar and unapologetically bizarre movies

The @Mikecav5 Twitter Followers Guide to the Midterms: Governors’ Edition, Connecticut

For the Toss Up races (1 Dem and 9 Rep seats), we will take a look at them on an individual basis. These are the most competitive races…

Sixers Offseason Recap and Season Preview

Tweeting This Out from My Burner

The @Mikecav5 Twitter Followers Guide to the Midterms

@MikeCav5 is back to drop Part I of his analysis on all 36 Governors’ Races

The Secretly Remarkable Evolution of Mac Miller

From boastful party-boy beginnings, to politically conscious and a cynical recluse, it’s been quite the interesting path for the Pittsburgh…


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