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Karen Uhlenbeck Won the ‘Nobel of Math’ — but Women Are Still Under-Represented in the Field

Confidence in math early on differs by gender and plays a key role in future success

Moon Dust Kept Sealed for 50 Years Will Finally Reveal Its Secrets

NASA has been understandably stingy with the last of its pristine samples

Investigating Commercial Airline Crashes Goes Beyond the ‘Black Box’

In crashes like Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302, the black boxes are a crucial puzzle piece, but experts are trained to look at multiple…

The Science of Serial Killers Is Changing, Thanks to Sasha Reid

In-depth analysis of murderers might help the rest of us, too

Asteroids Deal With Breakups Better Than We Thought

There go our hopes of nuking an apocalyptic asteroid

24/7 Fitness Trackers Won’t Solve All Your Problems — and They Might Make You Imagine New Ones

Fitness trackers allow us to peer inside our bodies, but we may not like what we see

What Could Life on Mars Look Like? This Chilean Desert Holds Some Clues.

If alien life exists below the surface of Mars, it might very well have a thing or two in common with these populations


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