Eric Martin

A follower of Jesus, futurist, Kin ambassador, and libertarian. https://goo.gl/fX15RW

Latest Posts

The Future of Farming

How to Feed 10 Billion People in 2050

Quantum Gravity lacks symmetry

When gravity is combined with quantum mechanics, to simulate a quantum theory of gravity, symmetry is not possible new research suggests.

Do We Live in a Simulation?

To find out if life as we know it is virtual, we must look for bugs in the very fabric of reality.

Cosmic Choreography: How cool gas halos prolong galactic growth

A newly observed choreographed dance between star-forming galaxies and their surrounding gas halo provides new hints about galactic growth

4 — How to build a chess machine

Day 4 of Machines That Play

3 — Really early chess machines

Day 3 of Machines That Play

2 — Why AI and Games?

Day 2 of Machines That Play


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