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A follower of Jesus, futurist, Kin ambassador, and libertarian. https://goo.gl/fX15RW

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The Urgency of Colonizing Space, and the Threat of Anti-Natalism

Mars, according to the best available information, once had liquid water. This means it had a thick enough atmosphere to sustain it and…

Where Lies the Future of Blockchain?

By Nick Roquefort-Villeneuve, Head of Marketing— Amalto Technologies and Ondiflo.

The Future of Brain-Computer Interfaces and the Human Machine

The melding of humanity with the technology we have created has begun…

Whom would you “tip”?

Do you like a discount? Sale? Off Prices or Rebate?

In order to approve degrees, Spanish Universities rely on Blockchain

No one will ever question the validity of University degrees again. In addition, the deadlines for them to bear the official seal will be…

Pushing the Nintendo Gamecube to its Absolute Limit!

Gamecube has a lot of fond memories attached to it. It was the last classically Nintendo-ish Nintendo console. Different, strange…

Planet Nine ruled out as the cause of outer solar system ‘mystery orbits’

Planet Nine may not be needed to explain the strange orbits of some objects at the outer most regions of the solar system says new…

A Future in Space for Humanity? …Or Supernatural Extermination?

You have a family, and doubtless you love them. You would likely preserve their lives even if it meant the death of your neighbors. There…

[Original Novel] Not Long Now, Part 1

Although I never had the pleasure of meeting him, I’m told my Grandfather was a man ahead of his time. I’ve attended no small number of…


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