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Ella Alderson

Astrophysics student, writer for over a decade. A passion for language and the unexplored universe. I aim to marry poetry and science.

Robert Lea

Freelance science journalist. BSc Physics. Space. Astronomy. Astrophysics. Quantum Physics. SciComm. ABSW member. WCSJ Fellow 2019. IOP Fellow.

Lenka Otap

Computer scientist and astrophysicist. Curious about life, the universe, and everything. Are you too?

Trevor Mahoney

Studying Finance and Management Information Systems • Technology and Space Enthusiast • California Born

Polina Silakova

Founder of personal futures planning course | Associate Director @Futureye | I help people & organisations envision & create better futures

Tim Ventura

Futurist & business executive with 25+ years of industry experience and a passion for the future.

Eric Martin

Follower of Jesus, Director of Digital Marketing at My book:


Curator at

A. S. Deller

Science, tech, and futurist writer. You can support me as a writer by joining Medium through my referrals page (

Pranjal Saxena

Senior Data Scientist | Industry Expert | Get access to premium content on Python & Data Science by Clicking here:

Will Lockett

Journalist passionate about cutting edge technology, space and fighting climate change. Buy my latest book at


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