Eric Martin

A follower of Jesus, futurist, Kin ambassador, and libertarian. https://goo.gl/fX15RW

Latest Posts

What do astronomers want to study?

A peek into Astro 2020 and the future of astronomy

A 3 day Python Bootcamp for Beginners

A simple effort from me to make a Python bootcamp 3 Days for beginners who are enthusiastic about Machine Learning or Python.

Halo Drive: New Means for Interstellar Colonization

And how it could help identify alien life

The Real Value of a Space Force

The United States’ sixth military branch has the potential to save humanity if done right.

Notes from Herman Kahn’s The Next 200 Years

The Next Two Hundred Years: A Scenario for America and the World

Comprehensive List of Banks using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has been around for a number of years but has only come to mainstream media attention in the last 24 months with the rise of…

Fixing React Native WebView’s postMessage for iOS.

In 2016, GitHub user Robert Roskam (raiderrobert) opened an issue on the React Native repository reporting the error “Setting onMessage on…

Finite State Machines in Script

This note provides methods for constructing deterministic and non-deterministic finite state automata in Bitcoin Script. The “best” method…

[Dream Report] Mars RPG, and Helping a Friend Move

This is another one that got split into two different dreams because I woke up to pee. No apologies for that. First half was very RPG-ish…

[Dream Report] Night Time Hay Ride to the Mountain Complex

This one was disjointed, as I woke up once in the night. It divided the dream into two distinct scenes that seem unrelated. The first had…


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