Eric Martin

A follower of Jesus, Nvstr.com consultant, futurist, Kin ambassador, and libertarian. https://goo.gl/fX15RW

Latest Posts

Lightspeed: Taming the Galaxy

Reaching new worlds in the Milky Way means we’ll need to push our limits. How fast can we get?

As we know, the days of “beating” the public markets are over

Most public companies (because they are large), can’t out-innovate or trounce the market, which is why people shouldn’t invest as much as…

Cerebras trounces Moore’s Law with first working wafer-scale chip

The race is on for other wafer-scale chips, smaller nanometer semiconductor nodes, and larger wafers. Is Moore’s Law accelerating and have…

Some exoplanets may have a wider variety of life than Earth

Could some planets outside the solar system have conditions that are more conducive to life than our own?

The 21st Century’s Biggest Political Technology Challenges

Automation, skilled algorithms, and genetic engineering will have us rethink what it means to be human

How AI Could Help Us Control Anxiety

AI sparks more fear than it treats. But could it help us cope with anxiety disorders?

Earth: A Cosmic Unicorn

Why Earth is unique and what that means for the many exoplanets we are finding in this golden age of astronomy

Holographic black holes could solve the Universe’s lingering mysteries

A new holographic method of simulating black holes could solve the biggest mysteries in the cosmos including string theory.

Multi-Modal Transportation: beautiful concept, difficult reality

Multi-modal transportation has become increasingly popular among urban planners. It sounds great — but is it realistic?

Lab-based experiments narrow down the search for dark energy

A new experiment has failed to detect a fifth fundamental force — placing important constraints on the nature of dark energy


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