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Latest Posts

Android Paging Library with multiple view type

A complete step by step guide

Eazy permissions

An introduction to runtime permission library.

Tutorial: Compile OpenSSL to 1.1.1 for Android application

This article will provide instructions for building the latest OpenSSL library version 1.1.1c for Android devices using NDK.

Clean Architecture example with Kotlin Multiplatform

An exemplary Kotlin Multiplatform project featuring loading movies from TMDb using Clean Architecture to share as much code as possible

There’s a new update available

How many times have you had to send a hot fix to an application, wishing there was a way to force all your users to update? I’ve certainly…

ProAndroidDev joins droidcon

We started ProAndroidDev in April 2017 aiming to consolidate great Android Dev blog posts in one place. Time flies, and now we’re at 28K…

Third-party app deployer

Our company has quite a few Apps listed in the Playstore and many of these apps are supplied by vendors that we work with. Only 2 of the…

Android GestureNavigation & RecyclerView

Quick tips for making your RecyclerView & ItemDecorations play along with Window Insets.

Notifications on Android — The basics

Sending a notification to your users can be very beneficial when it comes to user-engagement, but can also feel intrusive when done too…


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