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Classifying doodles on Android with TensorFlow Lite

With the launch of TensorFlow Lite, embedding ML models in Android apps has never been easier. TensorFlow lite provides a lightweight…

Experimenting with Coroutines

Coroutines are getting quite popular and I’ve been reading quite a lot of articles lately of opting Coroutine instead of RxJava. First of…

Kotlin functions, An alternative to interfaces?

So we all know interfaces and we make use them a lot when we want to implement a callback. So the code below is familiar to us.

Saving UI state with ViewModel SavedState and Dagger

Keeping UI state after process stop with the new ViewModel SavedState module advanced usage combined with dependency injection using Dagger

Dagger Undercover agent: By example

Software Engineers need not to take care of the underlying complexity of the systems because of the abstractions over them to make the…

Coroutines In Production

Our experiences with coroutines after using it in production for a while.

Android CPU, Compilers, D8 & R8

Imagine you have an important space mission ahead. You need a spacecraft that won’t get you into much trouble on the way. You may opt in a…

Android Q: Sharing shortcuts

Android Q introduces share shortcuts, a faster way to share content from your app, think of it as direct share on steroids. In this…

Java Calling — Kotlin

Call Kotlin Code from Java


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