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Latest Posts

Running test multiple times with different parameters

This article explains the Parametized feature of JUnit with a case study of an Android app, but it can also be applied to other platforms…

Android Design System and Theming: Colors

Color is the most noticeable aspect of our apps. Android Theming will allow us to have a cohesive UI while speeding up our development.

Jetpack Compose Interop Part 2: Using Compose in Traditional Android Views and Layouts with…

In Part 1 I demonstrated how we can use AndroidView to render traditional Views inside our Compose UI. For this part, we are now going to…

Jetpack Compose Interop Part 1: Using Traditional Views and Layouts in Compose with AndroidView

Like most Android developers following the development of Jetpack Compose you are probably wondering if you will need to rewrite your…

Responsive Dialogs with Custom Navigator

How to navigate to fragments that show in modals on tablets and as fullscreen on phones using Jetpack Navigation.

Enhance Android WebView Performance using Glide.

Using WebViews in your native application is very common these days but when it comes to performance, rendering of a WebView is quite slow…

Synchronous communication with the UI using StateFlow

Synchronous communication with Kotlin StateFlow

AndroidX Navigation: Building on the Wrong Abstraction

I recently read an article by Jesse Wilson titled “Building on the Wrong Abstraction”. If you haven’t read the article already, I would…

Kotlin scope and extension functions. How to not harm your code.

Scope functions in Kotlin are powerful tools that can make the code more concise but, like any powerful tool, can also ruin it if not used…

Running TLS protected HTTP server on Android using Ktor

It is axiomatic that technology is constantly advancing. This mercurial technological landscape requires creative solutions, some of which…


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