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Latest Posts

Firebase Predictions 🔮

Predict user behavior and react to it!

Exploring Dependency Injection in Android — Dagger, Koin, and Kodein

Dagger has been the reigning dependency injection library in Android for a long time, but a few alternatives have appeared recently. I’ve…

360 degree image showcase in Flutter

Viewing different angles of a product offers more visualisation and adaptation

Adding Google AdMob to an Android application

AdMob is Google’s advertising platform specifically designed for mobile applications. AdMob allows you to monetize your apps by serving…

An amazing Analytics architecture for Android app. Part 1

If you have ever implemented analytics on Android you know how hard it can be to attach it to the existing app structure. Everything looks…

Implementing Dark theme in your Android Application

With Android 10 rolling out in more and more devices every month, the need for an Android app to support dark mode is on the rise. And if…

Note Keeper with ML —  A Pet Project Idea in Details

The article presents a pet project idea for Android developers. It includes design in Figma, useful links, and other tips.

Scaling an app for unexpected peaks

It’s been an extraordinarily difficult time for many people and companies as we live through the Covid19 pandemic. Australia Post has not…

Android Foreground Service Restrictions

It would seem that everything should work, but there are also limitations in foreground services


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