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Better dependency management in Android Studio 3.5 with Gradle buildSrcVersions

Android Studio 3.5 is released! Have you updated yet? Go to, I will wait.

Evolution of unit tests in Android

See unit tests improvment for “rate us dialog” feature

How to unit test Room: runInTransaction

In case you have tried writing Unit tests for your application business logic but gotten stuck at testing your Room logic where some…

Android ProcessLifecycleOwner by example

The ProcessLifecycleOwner is an extension for getting information about lifecycle for the whole application process. Let’s explore it.

Implementing Firebase Smart Reply in your Android App

In May 2018, at the I/O developer conference, Firebase announced new Machine Learning APIs that are now available for free to developers.

Building a DevOps pipeline for your App: Git Strategy

When thinking about a DevOps pipeline the first thing most people think about is where am I going to host my build server? This…

Building a DevOps pipeline for your App: Introduction

DevOps and pipelines are words that we hear a lot in our development environments and they are always being done by either people doing…

10 Tips for Android Library Developers

If you’re distributing a library or just maintaining some library modules in your project, here’re some tips that may be useful to you.

Android Q Features: What’s New in Display and Under Hood?

Android Q — is the 10th major release and the 17th version of the Android mobile operating system. The first Beta of Android Q was…

Dealing with Bitmaps in the Right Way

Decoding Bitmaps Efficiently


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