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Ryan Hoover

Founder of Product Hunt. Weekend Fund investor. Follow at @rrhoover.

Melissa Joy Kong

I’m passionate about helping companies tell their stories. Lover of startups + football. Writing a book about what I learned from 100 couples in America.

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Nick Abouzeid

Law, scooters, and credit cards. Follow at @nickabouzeid.

Andreas Klinger

I lead the tech team at @ProductHunt (now part of @AngelList) — we helped tens of thousands of startups to launch their product. I ❤️ what i do.


Developer @ProductHunt

Taylor Majewski

Wordsmith @ProductHunt.

Aaron O’Leary

Community @Producthunt. Chef.

Latest Posts

The future of direct-to-consumer and e-commerce

Web Smith has a long history working in direct-to-consumer and e-commerce.

Empowering the next generation of makers with no-code tools

AJ is mysterious. The maker exclusively goes by his initials, and he’s also the creator of Carrd, an awesome tool for creating one-page…

Danielle Morrill on founder loneliness and the power of fiction

In 2013, Danielle Morrill was just starting up her blog, and writing about startups from a unique, data-driven lens. The blog turned out…

How to think about raising your first venture fund

Lee Jacobs and Brian Balfour join Ryan at AngelList HQ for this week’s episode.     Back in the day, Lee was one of the first syndicate…

The $100M Podcast Bet

Luminary officially launched today with a big bet — that you will pay for podcasts.

Facebook’s big test

Earlier this week, news broke that Facebook is reportedly prototyping horizontally swipeable cards to combine News Feed and Stories into a…

A $50M decentralized “IPO”

The blog post was crafted by Product Hunt and sponsored by our friends at Blockstack.

Why staying true to yourself is the best path to growth

Today I’m joined by Everette Taylor, a fellow entrepreneur and community builder that I got to know back when he was building…

Front’s experiment in radical transparency

In today’s episode, Ryan interviews Mathilde Collin, CEO of Front. Front is a shared inbox for your team and the company is used by…

120 Products Built With No Code

Over the last three weeks, we’ve seen nearly 1K Makers from all over the world take part in the Product Hunt Makers Festival to create…


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