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Winston Christie-Blick

Product Management | Design | Education … Building the tool of product teams’ dreams (

Hubert Palan

Founder & CEO Renaissance man and an entrepreneur by heart.


Understand what users need | Prioritize what to build next | Rally everyone around your roadmap |

Michal Krejčí

Product Developer at ProductBoard, Inc.

Daniel Hejl

Co-founder of @ProductBoard ✨ ❤ #prodmgmt, #strategy, #research, #UX, #JTBD, ☕

Majo Moravcik / UX, UI designer

Cori Hemmah

Trying to learn all the things. Probably eat more than you do. Online marketing operations (email, SEO, inbound, lead gen) at @xamarinhq. I love sf.

Monty Mitra

I read Wikipedia entries for movies that I don't want to see but I do want to know what happens. I also write at productboard.

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