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Nicole Akers

Founder of Publishous. Helps writers write better. Get my new book, Make Money on Medium: Build Your Audience & Grow Your Income:

renee tarantowski

| Visionary | Momma to 4 | Substitute Teacher | Writer | Living an undivided life; love, mindfulness and compassion. Sign up to read more→

Clay Akers

Providing encouragement and insight when you're making life or debt decisions.

Latest Posts

Are You Afraid of Being Quiet?

Being Quiet is Powerful

How To Avoid Staring At A Blank Page.

This morning I discovered a significant problem…

To Be an A$$hole or Not Be an A$$hole

That’s the real question, isn’t it?

Beach Wanderer

Slightly fogged morning view After last night’s puddled rain  Less humidity with thinner air, Dark layered clouds from west to east Skies…

5 Powerful Habits to Overcome Distraction

Don’t get consumed by…what was that?

Anxiety, Depression, Healing and God

A letter to my past self, during the hardest time of my life:

Human Philosophy is Everywhere But Human Solutions Omit God

We read article after article on human philosophy, which often omits God, but the solution is always one of human effort. God has been…

How To Make Contribution To Transform People’s Lives.

“It’s the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.” — Sheryl Sandberg

Wisdom From My Older Self

What I know now that I’m older and wiser.


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