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Nicole Akers

Founder of Publishous. Helps writers write better. Get my book, Make Money on Medium: Build Your Audience & Grow Your Income:

renee tarantowski

Living an undivided life; love, mindfulness, and compassion. Top writer in Love, Relationships, Parenting, Life Lessons.

Clay Akers

Providing encouragement and insight when you're making life or debt decisions.

Michael Shook

Plain-spoken writer with strong opinions. Sees the world differently and writes about it that way.

Latest Posts

#225 Mindful Moment

Who is packing your parachute?

Afterlife: When Parents Reach Out From the Grave

Getting to know them after they are gone

Morning Coffee Meditations

Magic Beans, Gratitude, and Morning Meditations

A Word of Advice for New Medium Writers

well — a few words

A Restroom Revolution!

Has the success of the flushing toilet been flushed away?

I Need a Hero;

Trying to get these feelings out, In a thousand words or less, But things get hectic, Afraid my heads a mess.

Work is Infinite, But Time is Finite

And how to stop feeling bad about not accomplishing everything

5 Seconds to Change Your Outlook to Positivity

Your Brain Doesn’t Differentiate Between Positive and Negative

Washing Clothes

You come home  to find your clothes  washed   without even having   asked

Work vs. Love

If you do what you love, is it work?


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