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Nicole Akers

Founder of Publishous. Builds people, connections, and health at and hosts Twitter #PubChat Wednesday, 8 pm CT. Join us!

renee tarantowski

Mindful Teaching Youth grades 3-12 | Visionary | Momma to 4 | Author | I live full throttle, then write about it. Sign up to read more→

Clay Akers

Providing encouragement and insight when you're making life or debt decisions.

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Crappy copy loses you money. Follow these 11 commandments to ensure your words keep your customers hooked

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The Ten Idea Trick Which Sharpens Your Pen

Sort of Like a Prostitute

I really never imagined I’d be writing a post with this title but it hit me a few days ago when I realized I’m feeling sort of like a…

Here is the secret, sneaky way to success

Everyone wants to find success, and may not realize they already hold the key.

A Way to Pay the Bills

Tribute to My Work as a CNA*

Weight Loss is More Than a Number on the Scale

Now is about that time with New Year’s Resolutions when you begin to ask yourself if what you are doing is even worth it. Why starve…

This is How Your Hustle Can Hurt You

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”- Lao Tzu

What Greatness means to me

Individually we can be great, but as a nation what does that mean?

Thanks I Needed That!

There is no such thing as nothing

To Get Along Better with People, Focus on What You Have in Common

We don’t usually see the good in each other because we aren’t looking for it.


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