The QueryPie Team’s Development Journey

Thomas Jang



QueryPie 애플리케이션 Engine 개발 업무를 담당하고 있습니다. https://lelecoder.tistory.com

Brant Hwang

CEO / Software Engineer at CHEQUER

Latest Posts

Introducing QueryPie Open Beta

#The Complete Cross-Platform Database IDE for All

Introducing QueryPie’s first MVP

QueryPie Development #10: Ready for the Closed Beta!

MySQL SSL Connection Using JDBC

QueryPie Development #9: Securely Accessing the Database

Why did we choose React and TypeScript for QueryPie?

QueryPie development #8: Background on Front-end Developing

Fullstack Development with TypeScript

QueryPie Development #7: TypeScript is Everywhere

TypeScript와 함께하는 Fullstack Development

QueryPie 개발기 #7: TypeScript is Everywhere

Cross Platform Application design with Electron, React, gRPC

QueryPie Development #6: Architecture Configuration based on Electron, Java, JDBC, and gRPC

Electron, React, gRPC로 Cross Platform Application 설계하기

QueryPie 개발기 #6: Electron, Java, JDBC, gRPC 기반의 아키텍처 구성

Drag and Resize in React App

QueryPie Development #5: Implementing Query Tabs and a Result Panel

React Application에서 drag&drop과 resize

QueryPie 개발기#5: 쿼리 작성 패널 탭 기능과 쿼리 실행 결과 패널 구현


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