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Thoughts and stories from Studio, a product design masters program at CU Boulder, dedicated to re:working, re:designing and re:imagining the world of design and technology.

Jesse Weaver

Director of Entrepreneurial Design @cmci_studio | Cofounder @binderful

Emily McCammon

UX Designer. Boulder, CO.

Joe Toscano⚡️

Founder, // Contributor, @smashingmag @adweek @invisionapp // prev XD, @rga @google. Changing the world w/ a smile, design & some code.

CMCI Studio

A design graduate program at CU Boulder focused on experience design, creative technology & entrepreneurship. Start here, change everything…

Latest Posts

Roadtrip App UI

I’ve hitchhiked once — it was fun, and it felt like a bond had been formed with the people who picked me up. There was a generosity and a…

20 Things I Have Learned This Year

Since we are officially half way through 2019, here is a quick list of the best lessons the past 6 months have taught me.

Crave-worthy Playlists to Design To

You’ll want to play these on repeat, trust me.

Daily UI Challenge: Week 1

Improving my design skills in 100 days

The Elusive UX Research Process

(Since there’s not one, I made up a framework instead)

Chz Plz

a conceptual Boulder, CO food truck

Disconnect and dreams

We have all heard it, someone telling us that’s a nice dream but to do something else. Or follow your dreams but not really and just go…

How to Make a Clickable Prototype with Looping Animation in Studio

Lately, I am trying to make an app intro prototype for our product pairing app, which could lead new user set up the app with our physical…

Some Great Free IOS UI Kits

As I am working on the app design of our team project in RE, I found so many times that I need to use IOS UI elements. But the IOS UI…

Design Lessons from ‘Mad Men’

As I have been finishing the series and my year long Master’s design program at CMCI Studio, I kept noticing the correlation between the…


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