React Brasil

Tudo sobre o mundo React

React Brasil

Comunidade React Brasil, organizadora da React Conf Brasil, rede de Meetups React

Sibelius Seraphini

CTO Entria, Feedback House, Log.ID, Brand Lovers

Sebastian Ferrari

From Uruguay. Web developer with focus in PHP and Drupal. Part of the Free Software community. Really friki about quality of code. Love a good beer! (sebas5384)

Lucas Bento

Software Developer at NonDutch — building amazing apps with #react, #reactnative, #relay, #webpack, #graphql & #koa

Henrique Sosa

Hamburger Lover and Front-end Developer at ( Evino ) . GitHub: @henriquesosa

Matheus Lima

Software Engineer at Carta, addicted to coffee, sports and books. ENTJ.


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