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Meghan Keaney Anderson

Head of marketing for Jasper AI. Formerly @HubSpot | @TheGrowthShow . Interested in tech, social impact and just about any action movie from the 90s.

Jami Oetting

Content Strategy @HubSpot, Former writer/editor of @AgencyPost

Leslie Ye

Comms @HubSpot, words @commonsoundhq. I write about tech, music, and social issues. She/her

Latest Posts

Driven to Distraction — The future of car safety

If you haven’t gotten a new car in a while you may not have noticed that the future of the dashboard looks like this:

For CEOS: How to get your team thinking video first … even if they’re camera shy

I’ll admit it: I’m camera shy. That’s not easy, when you’re CEO of a video platform … but I know I’m not alone. I hear this all the time…

Deep, Dark Thoughts On Being Different

It took me years to even start writing this post and at least the last 2 years to actually publish it. And even then, I only posted it to…

What Startups Need to Know About Regulated Markets

Often the opposite of disruption is the status quo.

The Apple Watch — Tipping Point Time for Healthcare

I don’t own an Apple Watch. I do have a Fitbit. But the Apple Watch 4 announcement intrigued me in a way no other product has since the…

Why Can’t Nestle Produce Another Nespresso?

Nespresso was a breakout hit for Nestle and for a long time its biggest profit contributor. Yet, the innovative business model and value…

Aligning Your Marketing + Customer Success Teams

A few years ago, HubSpot didn’t have a customer marketing team. We did customer marketing, but the activities were decentralized across…

Growth Alone Doesn’t Interest Me Anymore

The business world is obsessed with growth.

It’s time to learn to unlearn

The very things that help us grow our business today, can impede growth tomorrow. To grow better, we need to develop the skill of…

Two Models That Prove the ROI of Customer Service

Buyers trust people over brands, and brands are getting crowded out of their traditional spaces, so why throw more money at the same…


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