The Transformation

The Transformation is a series of stories about the future history of America & the world from 2020 to 2050 as told by a Gen Z character in 2100. The series is a positive yet plausible scenario about how we can solve the many challenges of our time & build a much better future.

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Reinvent Team

Reinvent was founded by Peter Leyden as a way to build out a diverse network of remarkable innovators to help find new ways forward to a better future.

Peter Leyden

Always figuring out the future. Now Host of the Civilization Salons at The Long Now & Senior Fellow for Strategic Foresight at Autodesk. See:

Latest Posts

The Civilizational Changes of The Transformation

How the profound changes from 2020 to 2050 laid the foundation for a new civilization to emerge by 2100 that superseded The Enlightenment

The Watershed Election of 2020 in the Long View of American History

The end of the conservative era, the beginning of the dominance of progressive Blue America & the economic changes that followed to 2050

How We Turned the Corner on Climate Change by 2050

The epic story of how America made the shift to clean energies, electric transportation & sustainable everything as seen from 2100

The Technology Long Booms that Remade the World from 2020 to 2050

The remarkable advance of Infotech & Biotech during those decades provided the foundation for The Transformation as seen from the year 2100

The History of America & the World From 2000 to 2050

The overview from 2100 on how we solved the pandemic & climate crises, drove the global long boom, & reinvented a much better world by 2050

The Future History of America and the World to 2050

The introduction to a positive and plausible scenario about how we could solve our many challenges and transform our world for the better

Acknowledgements to 25 Remarkable Innovators Who Helped Envision The Transformation series

Deep interviews over the last year helped build the case that we can solve our challenges & build a much better world in the next 30 years


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