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Tom Grey

I work on Engineering Operations at Robinhood.

Vlad Tenev

CEO and Co-Founder of Robinhood


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We’re Transforming the Future of Finance

Robinhood was founded on a simple idea: that our financial markets should be accessible to all. With customers at the heart of our…

How We Hire at Robinhood

“The greatest thing each of us can do is to bring talent into Robinhood. The talent that we hire today will build the products of tomorrow…

Scaling Confidently with the Load and Fault Team

Authors Vishal Kuo and George Tong are engineers working on the Load and Fault team at Robinhood.

Meet the Team: NYC Engineering Managers

We recently had a virtual coffee chat with Sanjana (she/her), Jean (he/him) and Ariel (he/him), from the New York City Engineering Team, to…

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Robinhood

We’re excited to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month by spotlighting three of our Robinhoodies, who are members of our Latinhood employee…

Meet a Robinhoodie: Sophia Huard

Welcome to our series “Meet a Robinhoodie”! Each post, we ask a Robinhoodie about their path to Sherwood Forest and why they joined.

Engineering Onboarding

Built to Scale

Crypto 101: Breaking It Down

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has grown from a niche interest for techies into a powerful force reshaping the global financial…

Meet the Team: Fraud Operations

We recently had a virtual coffee chat with Tim (he/him) and Grecia (she/her) on the Fraud Operations Team, to learn about the impact of…

Crypto Myths, Busted

Whether you’re thinking about dipping your toes into crypto or are already investing and want to learn more, here are some answers to…


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