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Saving data inside the browser’s storage — a summary

Every time you visit a website you may have noticed that after a second visit there are some elements that no longer appear or load faster…

Developers, don’t be fooled!

Developers nowadays are in charge of their careers. Devs are one group of people that can afford to be picky in today’s job market…

Organize your translations using multiple locales files

Of course, this contains an example with Pokémon!

To merge or to rebase: that is the question

It’s one of the eternal questions to ignite all dev discussions, on par with:

Grids, why I love them, and why you should not run away from them

A short essay on grids, what they are, why they exist and why one should use them

Building a Slack App using Ruby and Sinatra

Creating a Surf forecasting tool using Slack Slash Commands and Actions.

Toilet Vacant: A Rails app which notifies you via Slack

Or How to use the Slack Incoming Webhooks API with Ruby on Rails

My journey in developing editor extensions

When Github’s Atom editor was released a few years ago I, like many other Web Developers, thought something along the lines of «neat an…

IT recruiters are crybabies 😭 😭 😭

Yap. I said it. Let the flame war begin! 🔥

Game DLCs look a lot like software releases, trust me

Did you ever stop to think that game DLCs and the overall game development scene currently have a lot in common with software development…


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