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Ian Varley

Ian talking nerdy.

Laura Lindeman

voracious reader & crafter of words. organizer extraordinaire. #peoplegeek at Salesforce on the Tech & Products Innovation & Learning team. opinions mine.


Find out what's current with the engineering groups at @salesforce.

Alyssa Arvin

Things I love: Cats, Cookies, Wine. Yes, in that order.

Nikos Sarilakis

Senior Manager, Infrastructure Marketing @Salesforce. Passionate about #marketing #design #tech

Tamsen Mitchell

Agile coach, graphic facilitator, humor engineer

Chris Kelly

Eventually, everything is connected.

Latest Posts

Making life easier with immutable deployment

How immutable deployment alleviated some of the pain in maintaining and working on a piece of software.

Building a Fault-Tolerant Data Pipeline for Chatbots

Five architecture and development choices made in the creation of a fault-tolerant event pipeline

Tackle New Challenges with Learning Theory

How to actively use learning theories to embrace challenges more effectively and achieve better results

GQUIC Protocol Analysis and Fingerprinting in Zeek

A new tool allowing security teams to perform inspection, logging, and fingerprinting on web traffic communicating over GQUIC

Getting frequent feedback using Test-Driven Development

How TDD can help us to produce more readable, maintainable and testable applications through small and frequent feedback loops.

Act on Daydreams: From Customer Success to Software Engineering

6 tips for transforming your “unlikely” career opportunities into a reality.

Introducing Timbermill — A better logging service

Introducing a new kind of task-based, context-aware logging service.

Our Journey to Optimal Job Sizes for Apache Spark

Using Spark to compact data lake with metadata store and dynamic job scheduler at scale

5 Ways Gophers Get it Done with Open Source at Salesforce

The Go programming language, or Golang, is a small, clean, fast, efficient, and opinionated programming language. As a highly performant…

Implementation of a monitoring strategy for products based on microservices

Monitoring a product built from microservices isn’t an easy problem to solve.


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