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Eventually, everything is connected.

Latest Posts

How, Not Why: An Alternative to the Five Whys for Post-Mortems

The idea of a single root cause does not reflect reality. This piece explains a critique of root cause analysis and presents a better idea.

Native Scrolling in Salesforce mobile app

Native scrolling offers not only a better scrolling experience but also improved performance.

Zero Downtime Node Patching in a Kubernetes Cluster

Operating system patching mitigates vulnerabilities that may expose VMs to attacks.

The Origin of MLMon

How one product evolved over time, explored through a series of problems and solutions.

Analytical Model for Capacity and Degradation in Distributed Systems

What is the relationship between latency and availability, if there is one?

Journey to a million models

We created a forecasting model with time-series observability data to predict potential spikes or dips that might cause incidents.

AsyncAPI and OpenAPI: an API Modeling Approach

At MuleSoft, we have long embraced a multi-spec, metadata-driven approach to API interfaces.

How Salesforce Helps Protect You From Session Hijacking Threats

By using browser fingerprinting to identify devices, Salesforce helps prevent malicious activity within a user’s session.

Project Agumbe: Share Objects Across Namespaces in Kubernetes

When we needed to apply and manage certain common objects across namespaces, we used Kubernetes’ extensibility to solve the problem.

Building a Secured Data Intelligence Platform

Our shared platform, designed with robust security, improves user experience, product quality, and IT operations.


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