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Ian Varley

Ian talking nerdy.

Laura Lindeman

voracious reader & crafter of words. organizer extraordinaire. #peoplegeek at Salesforce on the Tech & Products Innovation & Learning team. opinions mine.


Find out what's current with the engineering groups at @salesforce.

Alyssa Arvin

Things I love: Cats, Cookies, Wine. Yes, in that order.

Nikos Sarilakis

Director of Product Marketing, Technology @Salesforce. Passionate about #marketing #design #tech

Chris Kelly

Eventually, everything is connected.

Latest Posts

Building Resilience: Delivering Your Best Under Pressure

Strategies for caring for your mental well-being and building an environment of psychological safety.

From Gall’s Law to Gaul’s Law

If you’re going to build a complex system, you should start with a simple system.

Answers to Your Top 5 Questions About Technical Interviews

These are the five answers that tell you everything you need to know for your technical interview.

MuleSoft’s Online Migration on DynamoDB

Database migration without affecting service availability is a herculean task. How one team at Mulesoft tackled the challenge.

5 Things You Really Need to Know For Your Technical Interview From a Lead Engineer

What to keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview

How to use open source data to solve customer problems

Respect the trust, privacy, and dignity of your customers by modifying open source datasets to mimic key features of their data.

Introducing the Salesforce Commerce SDK

We’ve engineered a brand new service platform with an API-first approach, sample apps, and an SDK to utilize all the new services.

People Over Process: How VP Kwesi Ames Empowers Our Site Reliability Team

Since joining Salesforce 10 years ago, Kwesi’s focus has been on helping his team members find meaning and value in their work.

‘Hooking’ Your Audience Using Drag & Drop in React

Learn how to make draggable components, sortable lists with drag & drop animations, and more using Hooks in ReactJS.

A Generic Sidecar Injector for Kubernetes

Many internal infrastructure teams had written sidecars, so we decided to spec out the ideal sidecar and open source it.


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