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Things I love: Cats, Cookies, Wine. Yes, in that order.

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Director of Product Marketing, Technology @Salesforce. Passionate about #marketing #design #tech

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Eventually, everything is connected.

Latest Posts

How Cognitive Biases Can Sabotage Your Thinking and Lead You Astray

How are cognitive biases — the bugs in your mental operating system — impacting your software architecture? Learn to manage these patterns..

Lessons Learned from Salesforce’s Oldest Intern

Michelle Chapman-Thurber started out in the technical writing profession as a 41-year old intern.

Salesforce Cloud Security: Automating Least Privilege in AWS IAM with Policy Sentry

Use this open source tool to achieve least privilege at scale.

Finding Evil on the Network Using JA3/S and HASSH

High-level overview of detecting malicious encrypted channels with JA3/S and HASSH.

Create a Learning Organization

The best learning happens when peers co-create learning and meaning together.

Provisioning Infrastructure for Stateful Services in Public Cloud: An HBase Use Case (Part II)

How we use Terraform, Spinnaker, and Kubernetes to implement HBase deployments.

Provisioning Infrastructure for Stateful Services in Public Cloud: An HBase Use Case (Part I)

Our experience in provisioning infrastructure for BigData deployment by both mutable and immutable means in the public cloud.

How Salesforce Helps Protect You From Credential Stuffers

We continue to use the most innovative detection mechanisms to safeguard our customers’ data.

Open Sourcing the Jenkins Config-Driven Pipelines Plugin

We love configuration as code and pipelines as code!

Salesforce Speakers at Spinnaker Summit and KubeCon 2019

Videos from this year’s Spinnaker Summit & KubeCon


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