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Alyssa Arvin

Things I love: Cats, Cookies, Wine. Yes, in that order.

Latest Posts

Connector framework: A generic approach to crawl activities in real-time

In an effort to speed development, we’ve created an easily extensible framework to create a custom real-time ingestion pipeline.

Github Actions Security Best Practices

Github Actions is convenient for integrating CI/CD into code repositories. But, it brings some security risks to consider.

How to ETL at Petabyte-Scale with Trino

There are some highly underrated advantages to using Trino for extract, transform, and load (ETL).

Evolution of Region Assignment in the Apache HBase Architecture — Part 3

A look at the complexity of the ServerCrashProcedure (SCP) and TableRegionStateProcedure (TRSP) procedures.

Lessons Learned using Spring Data Redis

A low-code solution for CRUD operations with Redis when certain caching patterns exist.

Switch It Up!

Code Switches are a useful tool to make tech debt improvements with an option to revert quickly if needed.

Autonomous Monitoring and Healing Networks

It is critical to invest in strategies that make our systems fault tolerant. We discuss two ways we do this in our Salesforce Edge product.

10 Principles for Architecture at Salesforce

Software engineering can’t be reduced to a set of rules. but these principles apply broadly to the decisions we make.

Building a Language-Agnostic Neural Machine Translation System

We introduced machine translation to increase scalability and to better serve our international customers.

How We’re Working Smarter in a Hybrid Workplace

We’re committed to creating a workplace that enables our employees to do their best work. Lately we’ve been thinking about Maker Time.


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