Science Museum Group Digital Lab

Experiments in emerging technologies and visitor experience at the Science Museum Group (Science Museum, London; National Science and Media Museum, Bradford; National Railway Museum, York; Science and Industry Museum, Manchester; and Locomotion, Shildon).

John Stack // Digital Director of the Science Museum Group

dave patten

Head of New Media at the Science Museum. I wear hats, play guitar, love technology and collect stuff.

Emilia McKenzie

Digital Learning Producer at the Science Museum Group, working at the intersection of digital, learning and culture.

Will Stanley

Yorkshireman | Scientist | Fascinated by social media, technology and museums

Latest Posts

Visualising a Museum Knowledge Graph with Knowledge Graph Embeddings and UMAP

This blog post introduces an interactive visualisation of a knowledge graph created from the Science Museum Group’s collection, blog and…

OCRguessr: making posters into a guessing game — Science Museum Hangman

This February marked my first Cogapp Company hack day — a day where we set aside our usual work and put our creative energies into…

Heritage Connector: A Machine Learning Framework for Building Linked Open Data from Museum…

Dutia, K. and Stack, J., Heritage Connector: A Machine Learning Framework for Building Linked Open Data from Museum Collections. Applied AI…

History, AI and Knowledge Graphs

A conversation between Tim Boon and Kalyan Dutia

Imagining Interfaces for Cultural Heritage Knowledge Graphs

In Heritage Connector, we’re interested in ways in which an AI-generated knowledge graph — such as the one we’re creating as part of …

AI4LAM Lightning Talk on Named Entity Recognition

The ai4lam (Artificial Intelligence for Libraries, Archives and Museums) community call at 16.00 GMT on 16 February 2021 featured…

Science Museum + Falmouth University (MA Graphic Design)

In 2019 the Science Museum embarked on an ambitious project, to digitise a quarter of a million objects in its remarkable archive. This…

Never Been Seen

As each object is added to the collection website, you could be the first person to see it online…

Knowledge Graphs, Machine Learning and Heritage Collections

As part of the Heritage Connector project we’re seeking to create new links between collection items and collections at scale by making use

Sidestepping the limitations of collection catalogues with machine learning and Wikidata

Machine learning presents an opportunity to build links at scale through knowledge graphs between Wikidata and museum collections…


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