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Scientific American

Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world.

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Latest Posts

The Kids (Who Use Tech) Seem to Be All Right

A rigorous new paper uses a new scientific approach that shows the panic over teen screen time is likely overstated

Bitter Reality: Most Wild Coffee Species Risk Extinction Worldwide

Researchers surveyed the world’s 124 coffee species and found more than half are threatened

Proper Breathing Brings Better Health

Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention — certain breathing techniques can make life better. But where…

Solar Farms Shine a Ray of Hope on Bees and Butterflies

A trend of planting wildflowers on solar sites could maintain habitat for disappearing bees and butterflies

Erupting Black Hole Shows Intriguing “Light Echoes”

A huge flare from a black hole helps reveal how matter and energy are expelled

New App Uses Sonar to Detect Opioid Overdoses

The technology utilizes smartphone speakers and microphone to monitor breathing

A Touch to Remember

The sense of touch generates surprisingly powerful and long-lasting memories

Another Casualty of the Government Shutdown: Hurricane Preparedness

Weather models are not being updated and training sessions might be canceled during the budget standoff

Gel Packed with Chemical “Scavengers” Protects against Sarin Gas

Nanotech particles tucked into a gel coating can prevent poisoning by deadly organophosphates for a week or more

Alzheimer’s Attack on the Brain May Vary with Race

A new study finds African-Americans with dementia have less buildup of certain toxic proteins in their brains than do whites


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