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David King

Thinking Out Loud

Brian Groat

Operations & Community Manager @FindHavenCo. Professional Book Worm.

Todd Brison

Author of The Creative’s Curse, The Unstoppable Creative. Seen in CNBC, Inc. Magazine, and in my kitchen doing dishes.

Daniel Lee

Building Systems to Optimize Human Performance | Founder of OMD Ventures | Powerlifter |

Latest Posts

The Leader Evolves: Financial to People Allocation

With the transition from the industrial age to the internet age, the iconoclasts will come in their ability to allocate people.

Questioning Defaults In Life

What are the things in life we choose to accept as the default setting? Have you asked yourself what settings in your own life you’ve left…

Happiness is Like a Cloud

Nearly a year and a half into my journey, the most common question I get asked from friends, colleagues, and family is: “Are you at least…

I’ll be Ready When I Need To Be. No Time Is Wasted To Get There.

How a book made me cry and I needed all five years to get to this point.

Most Who Wander Are Lost.

The neglected question is: Do you know where you are and why you are wandering?

Quantifying Return on People (RoP)

It’s time to update the financial rules to put what truly matters at the center.

Entrepreneurs are Risk-Averse. Employees are Risk-Takers.

A point of view on risk and how people get it wrong with their career.

Moments When You Start Seeing

Understanding could only get me so far and it was in the unprompted moments of stillness that I could embrace a new reality.

Diversity For An Effective Organization. It’s Not What They Think.

Most people have opted for the lazy and anger-fueled interpretation of diversity and equality.

Scaling Human Capital

How do you scale human capital? You don’t. At least, not if you’re trying to make a high performing organization.


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