Sensual Enchantment

Celebrating the enchanted nature of life, love and sexuality

Elle Beau

Writing about power, sex, relationships, and society. Twitter @ElleBeau

Latest Posts

Masked Seducer

You belong with him….

The ‘Boss Bitches’ Have A Party

And cultivate some life force in the process

I’m Lovin’ It

An erotic little takeaway.

Understanding That We’re Pansexual Doesn’t Really Change Anything

James and I talk about how broader attraction hasn’t altered anything about who we fundamentally are

Hanging Out With Our Lover’s Mom

We get to meet Tamara’s mother

Morning Haze

An erotic interlude

Erotic Sonnet #№10 — Veronica in the Underworld

When Hades took me to his darkest side

One Wicked Night

A little craft makes for an enchanted, tantalizing night

A Witch’s Itch

Wrinkled fingers wrapped tentatively around the stem of the magic mushroom, plucking it from the rotten log. It joined others in the woven…


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